Optimization of operational processes - MOVE YA!


MOVE YA! is the preferred source of supply for music that stimulates training by fitness studios and sports clubs. From 80’s to techno: Here you will find all directions of workout mixes for courses or training units.


In the initial state, the products are MY! Subscription, MY! Unlimited & MY! Production is associated with considerable effort for the customer and an inefficient workflow in the company.

For example, the subscription workflow is currently a very labor-intensive and manual process. In addition, the purchase of the subscription in the shop is very cumbersome for the customer. The purchase of a subscription was not processed via the Magento checkout, but a separate form.

MOVE YA! currently has to generate the orders for a new subscription through various imports and exports. This means that several workers are fully utilized, some of them for days.


So that these isolated solutions can be eliminated in the long term, we designed a comprehensive solution guide for eliminating those problems.

The solution guide followed this structure:

  1. Definition of the current state
  2. Objective for the new concept
  3. Description of the optimal workflow
  4. Listing of the technical components / development of a feature list
  5. Explanation of the procedure for implementation

The solution guide was designed so that no details are left without a concrete solution & developers only have to strictly follow the guideline.

Kunde MOVE YA!
URL www.move-ya.de
Betreuungszeitraum 2020
Marke MOVE YA!
Branche Fitness music
Projektthemen Consulting, Process optimization, Conception of business processes