Adobe Commerce Akeneo Connector Asset Addon

Adobe Commerce Akeneo Connector Addon for Akeneo EE Assets

Simple Akeneo Asset Importer into Adobe Commerce (former Magento 2)

Easily import assets without expensive Enterprise Edition

You need to import assets like images, videos, and PDFs from your Akeneo PIM to Adobe Commerce, but upgrading to Enterprise Edition while having to pay a five-digit sum is not in your price range?

Our Addon not just only allows you to import assets easily, but will be completely free in the first year. After that it won’t cost more than 20% of the regular Enterprise Edition.

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The better alternative

5 reasons why you should consider our Addon before Enterprise Connector

It's free

in the first year

80% less cost

than Enterprise Connector

Updates included

even in the first free year

Easy to manage

by Rest API and Auto-Sync

Flexible customization

if you need further adaptions

What is Akeneo?

Akeneo PIM is a leading software solution for centralizing and managing product information. It helps businesses organize, enrich, and distribute product data across various channels. With a user-friendly interface, teams can easily add, edit, and validate product information, ensuring accuracy and efficiency. Akeneo PIM also enables collaboration and integration with other systems, allowing seamless syndication of product information. Overall, it empowers businesses to deliver compelling product experiences by effectively managing and distributing accurate, up-to-date, and consistent product information.

Integrate Akeneo with Adobe Commerce

Adobe Commerce is a leading e-commerce platform that seamlessly integrates with Akeneo PIM. It provides a robust and flexible foundation for building online stores and managing product catalogs. By combining Adobe Commerce with Akeneo PIM, businesses can achieve a powerful end-to-end solution for managing both their e-commerce platform and product information. This integration allows for seamless synchronization of product data between the two systems, ensuring consistency across all customer touchpoints. With Adobe Commerce and Akeneo PIM working together, businesses can optimize their online sales channels and deliver exceptional shopping experiences to their customers.

Manage digital assets for every product

Akeneo Assets is a feature in Akeneo PIM that enables businesses to efficiently manage and organize their digital assets such as images, videos, and PDFs. It provides a centralized repository with easy uploading, categorization, and version control capabilities. Users can associate digital assets with product information, ensuring accurate visuals are displayed alongside product descriptions. Akeneo Assets streamlines the management of media files, enhancing the overall product experience by enabling businesses to deliver compelling content to customers across various sales channels.

Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce

Akeneo Connector for Adobe Commerce is a module that allows you to export your catalog data and structure from Akeneo PIM to Adobe Commerce (former Magento 2) through API calls.
It could either work with Magento Open Source or Adobe Commerce.


Kussin | Magento 2 Akeneo Connector Addon for Akeneo EE Assets is a asset queue to fetch assets from a given Akeneo CSV Export.
The following configuration options are available:

  • Module Enable: Enable or disable the module
  • Akeneo Url: Akeneo Rest API base url (e.g.
  • Akeneo Client ID: Akeneo Rest API client ID
  • Akeneo Client Secret: Akeneo Rest API client secret
  • Akeneo Username: Akeneo Rest API Username
  • Akeneo Password: Akeneo Rest API Password
  • Akeneo CSV path: Path to the Akeneo CSV Export file
  • Enable Batch processing: Enable or disable Magento 2 cron
  • Batch number: Number of assets to be processed in one batch
  • Frequency: Frequency of the cronjob (e.g. Weekly, Daily, Hourly, etc.)
  • Start Time: Initial execution time of the cron job