Freelancer: How to invoice as non-eu freelancer to KUSSIN

Invoicing as Freelancer with Payoneer

How to – If a non-eu freelancer wants to invoice with Payoneer.

01.01.2022 | Daniel Kussin | Unternehmen

If you have worked for us and you don’t want to invoice through PayPal or, we also except payment with Payoneer, but your invoice has to match certain requirements.

Payoneer Global Inc. is an American financial services company that provides online money transfer, digital payment services and provides customers with working capital.1)

NOTE: We only except invoices which can be paid by Payoneer Bank Transfer.

German and EU law requires certain information on every invoice (e.g. that the biller is a registered company). This post will instruct you, how to ensure that your invoice is payable for us.

German and EU Requirements

IMPORTANT: Your invoice has to be send by email to: (All invoices which have been send to another email address will be ignored.)

All of the following information are mandatory:

  1. Biller name or company
  2. Biller address
  3. Biller email
  4. Biller phone number
  5. Biller vat id
  6. Unique invoice number
  7. Invoice date
  8. Invoice due date (minimum 5 working days)
  9. Invoiced work (1 position per calender week)
  10. Invoiced subtotal (excl. VAT)
  11. Invoiced tax (in General: 0,00 EUR)
  12. Invoiced total (incl. VAT)

Invoiced Work

Each invoiced position should correspond to one calender week and should match the attached timesheet.

All of the following information are mandatory, too:

  1. Item title (Default: Custom Development)
  2. Item note (Default: Service Period: Date of Monday till Date of Sunday)
  3. Sum of spend worked hours
  4. Agreed hourly rate
  5. Tax rate (in General: 0,00 %)
  6. Subtotal

> Example <

Additional Requirements

NOTE: This requirements just need to be matched if you are working for Kussin | eCommerce und Online-Marketing.

If you are working for KUSSIN, you are required to attach time records to your invoices which match the following requirements:

  1. Date
  2. Time period
  3. Corresponding task
  4. Short explanation of work
  5. Duration (Format: hh:mm)

> Example <

In case you are working more frequently for KUSSIN, we provide you access to Redmine and TMETRIC to automatically track time, in this case your invoiced hours have to match the tracked hours in TMETRIC.

If we provided you with access to Redmine and TMETRIC then please pay attention to the following two quotes:

(…) keep in mind, that tomorrow (last working day of month) till 12pm CET all times need to be tracked in TMETRIC to invoice them.
And also keep track that you add as much of documentation as possible to any ticket you are working on (compare PDF Export Example).
NOTE: That is extremely important to get everything paid by our clients.2)

(…) add a detailed documentation to the corresponding ticket, what has done and what is the status incl. reference links to the repo.3)

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