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Oxid eSales

The solid shop system from Germany is perfectly matched to the domestic market

Success through experience

You may be looking for a suitable partner for your eShop project with Oxid. For optimal results, research, evaluate & compare different agencies. Can your requirements be met? Is there enough experience in your focus area? And above all, is the chemistry right?

From more than 13 years of experience, we know one thing: these questions can only really be answered in a personal conversation!

Therefore we would like to invite you to a free initial consultation. It says: get to know each other, exchange information & find out if it fits. Contact us today without obligation.

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Made in Germany

Among the many shop systems on the market, Oxid eSales clearly stands out for its origin. The system was developed in Germany and especially for the German market. Especially with regard to the legal requirements for a shop, German users are on a very safe side.

Some special features of Oxid eSales:

  • flexible expandability through modular adaptation
  • pre-installed internationalization for easy localization
  • Dynamic maintenance of the catalog
  • high stability in performance
  • Thanks to its scalability, Oxid grows with the needs of the customer
  • low total cost of ownership
  • large community and permanent security updates
  • Safe investments through Commercial Open Source

Your certified partner

For several years Kussin | eCommerce und Online-Marketing with shops with Oxid eSales, which is ideal for getting started with eCommerce.

As a partner of Pixi, a mail order software optimized for eCommerce, we offer you a perfectly matched package of shop and logistics through the easy connection to Oxid eSales.

Since 2014, Kussin is awarded as certified Oxid developer.

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Our services for you

Through numerous customers from different industries, we were able to consolidate our competence in various areas.


  • Advice on setting up
  • Development of online marketing strategies
  • Training for the administration of the shop


  • Concept creation for the online shop
  • Design of the shop layout
  • Adaptation for responsive presentation


  • Setup of Oxid eSales
  • Technical implementation of the shop
  • Installation of Pixi (merchandise management)


  • Installation of updates & patches
  • Ongoing support
  • 24 hour help

From interfaces to plugins & modules

You will most likely have special requirements for the system and its functionality. For example, the connection to the newsletter software such as Mailchimp or Newsletter2Go – or the connection between Ebay, Amazon & Oxid Shop…

The bad news is that Oxid itself cannot help you with all those concerns.

But don’t worry – with numerous carefully designed modules and extensions, Oxid can meet almost all your functional requirements. So that you do not pay for extensions that are not compatible with your system, we advise & choose wisely based on experience and expertise.

This is because the extension should fit into your eShop structure with millimetre precision as a gear that performs at full speed.

And if nothing seems appropriate at first glance? Then we will be at your side with our own developments. Even if the requirements may be very complex at first – we claim that everything you have seen before is possible for us!

Efficient product management with our Artikeleditor for Oxid

Anyone familiar with Oxid knows about the bulkiness & the effort involved in processing products. It doesn’t have to be – we have a solution for that!

The Artikeleditor for Oxid eSales enables you to easily manage products in a separate backend. Experience has shown that it saves a lot of work & is very intuitive to use.

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How much does Oxid eSales cost?

Basically there are three versions: Community Edition (CE), professional Edition (PE) & enterprise Edition (EE).

The Community Edition counts as an open source variant of the German shop system and can convince in many ways. It is particularly suitable for entry.

With the professional edition, the functionality is already much more extensive. The PE variant can be purchased from €1,495.00.

For companies that place special performance requirements on the shop system, Oxid offers the Enterprise Edition for around 12,000€. This allows you to focus on high scalability, intuitive CMS features & more.

Your certified OXID Savvy partner

Since 2019, OXID has been awarding experienced developers special certifications to recognize their skills. From now on, Kussin also sees itself as a close partner for OXID Savvy.

Primarily for small and medium-sized shop solutions, but also for professional projects, we are now certified & support you with words and deeds in your eCommerce business.

State subsidies for your oxide project

For some time now we have been partners in the financial support initiatives go digital & Digital Jetzt . There you have the option of up to 50% financing of your digitization projects.

Does it make sense to finance your Oxid-eSales project? Inform yourself.