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Search engine optimization as a foundation for sustainable growth.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims at a technical, semantic and ergonomic adaptation of the content of a website in order to improve the relevance and quality of the information, findability and user experience and thus the ranking in optimize organic search results.

SEO Analysis – Individual optimization tips for your website

The organic listing of your products, services and websites on the top positions of the search results pages is an essential factor for sustainable business success.

We analyze your website technically and in terms of content. Through constant control of your website, optimized texts, page and product titles and the improvement of the structure and function of your site, we help your shop and website to gradually and sustainably improve the search engine ranking. The focus is always on the positive user experience and the implementation of the requirements of the search engine operators. The result is a lasting and profound effect.

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Ihre Vorteile

Warum wir die Richtigen sind.

Individual strategies

Through careful analyzes and years of experience, we understand ourselves in recognizing opportunities. We find tailor-made ways for sustainable growth.

Close cooperation

Distance is a foreign word for us. It is important to us that our customers can reach us at all times & maintain constant communication.

The future in view

The development of the online world is so rapid that many are left behind. We implement today what will catapult you towards success tomorrow.

Your goals - our claim

We stand up for your goals - and we do so with full conviction! As long as you are not completely satisfied, we will not give up.

SEO – How does it even work?

In addition to other sub-areas of online marketing, search engine optimization is possibly the most extensive & most complex. The interaction of all measures is interdependent and usually has a lot more influence than we think.

Will it get easier in the future? On the contrary! Search engines like Google are developing their algorithms at breakneck speed and making the game more and more opaque. Of course, this development also has positive sides. After all, it should give the user the best result for his or her search intention!

For us that means: manipulation never to be seen again! Measures such as the simple accumulation of massive amounts of keywords (keyword stuffing) could perhaps achieve good rankings earlier. Today, Google is mercilessly against strategies that try to outsmart the search engine.

In return, the following aspects gain:

  • Giving the user exactly what he is looking for
  • Provide helpful information
  • Content clear & represent logically structured

Roughly summarized, one could say: Less search engine optimization – more user optimization!

Unsere Leistungen

Technical SEO

The technical SEO takes care of an optimal infrastructure of the website. This includes, for example:

  • URL optimization for flat & logical page hierarchy
  • Duplicate Content : Canonical tag, parameter URLs
  • Optimize loading time / page speed
  • Fixing 404 errors or broken links
  • Setting up a SSL certificate / https
  • Optimization of markups for

Mobile optimization

In many industries, over 50% of the traffic & 38% of all online transactions take place via smartphones - and the trend is rising!
Mobile friendliness has been an official ranking factor since 2013 and should be actively pursued according to the "Mobile First" principle:

  • Responsive Design for a flexible & clear presentation on all display sizes
  • Smooth handling of mobile transactions
  • Page speed optimization for slow mobile networks

Conversion optimization

The central area of ​​an eCommerce web shop brings you further in the search engine. We can help you:

  • Shopping cart optimization to minimize cart abandonments
  • Usability optimization for more user-friendliness
  • Content optimization for top relevance of content
  • Adapt design , e.g. using A / B testing
  • Ad optimization to avoid irrelevant hits

Landingpage optimization

Would you like your landing page to lead to the desired result?
Since visitors usually decide within a few seconds whether to stay or to jump, the content and structure should be well thought out:

  • Relevance for external advertising
  • Make convincing advantages (USP's) visible
  • Build trust through reviews, testimonials or seals
  • Optimization of Structure & Design

Local SEO

As a locally present company, you want to be found in your region!
In addition to on-page optimization, there are a few other ways to gain relevant access:

  • Local keyword optimization
  • Setup & maintenance of Google MyBusiness
  • Linking from other local websites
  • Funding from the Evaluation Profile

Offpage optimization

The external link profile of a website is very important to search engines. For long-term success, we do not use artificial link building. With high-quality content, users recognize added value that they are happy to refer to. Our approach to offpage optimization functions indirectly through other factors:

  • Relevant blog articles, pages & information
  • Optimization of social signals

Non-binding initial consultation

Are you looking for competent and active support for your SEO? Since we know that the range of services offered by all agencies can sometimes seem rather opaque, we offer you the following:

We analyze your website or your eCommerce shop with the help of high-performance tools and put together an individual overview of potentials and tips for you – completely free of charge.

If we were able to convince you of our competence, we would be happy to invite you to a free initial consultation. So you can be sure that the cooperation will bear fruit on a personal and reliable basis.

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