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With a well thought-out concept for search engine advertising, we bring your performance forward.

Free initial consultation for your SEA strategy

Would you like to advertise on Google Ads in such a way that your budget, which is certainly limited, reaches its full potential? You want to be sure that it will really bring you sales & not just a frustratingly long set-up time with almost zero result?

In many years of SEA experience, we have understood that the same sources of error are usually responsible for when your ads simply do not work. We would therefore like to invite you to take part in a free initial consultation for a practical overview of how search engine advertising & to get a possible strategic approach for your business.

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Your advantage with Google Ads search ads

The paid display of advertisements in search networks offers the short- and long-term possibility of placing companies, services, products and promotions in a visible place for the user.

As certified experts for Google Adwords and Bing Ads Services, we understand the design of campaigns for the most widely used search engines on the World Wide Web.

In the course of an initial analysis, we determine relevant keywords, content and potential landing pages. Your campaigns will then be tailored to your needs after strategic consultation, set up and technically and editorially supervised.

Based on your marketing goals, success can be measured using specific metrics. We will inform you about the progress via regular, personal reporting, discuss the measures with you and take care of the successive optimization of your ads and keyword sets. This is how we ensure the best possible return on investment for you and place you at the top of the charts.

Our services

We can support you in this

Search ads

We understand ourselves when it comes to placing profitable & well-structured text ads.
Do you need support? Get our help:

  • Keyword research , accurate for the intent of your customers
  • Powerful texts for clicks & conversions
  • Structuring of campaigns
  • Regular analyzes & adjustments


Especially eCommerce shops with a comprehensive range can benefit extremely well from Google Shopping and should not do without it.
Let's use your budget profitably together:

  • Setup of the shopping feed
  • Organization of the campaign structure
  • Monitoring & Management of the performance
  • Key figure-based optimization of your shopping campaign


Do you want to reach your target group wherever they are? Use display ads with our help:

  • Creation of matching graphics
  • Definition of target groups for targeting
  • Setup & structuring of your display campaign
  • Evaluation & data-based adjustment

The benefits of search engine advertising

Around 93% of all online experiences begin within a search engine – do you recognize the potential of the gigantic range?

In addition, there is the immense variety of data in user information – search engines sometimes know users better than they do themselves!

And this is exactly where your business can benefit:

  • Search ads give you access to the purchasing power of users who are specifically looking for a product or problem
  • Narrow your target audience down & reach her where she is
  • You only pay for clicks (CPC / PPC) – i.e. only for actual interaction by interested users
  • Measure Your Achievements & optimize based on key figures
  • Flexible budgets & full cost control

Even if you are currently unable to invest large sums of money in online advertising, every penny will pay off with the right strategy.

Your start in the SEA

Search engine advertising has never been done in your business before? The time has come!

We know – every beginning is difficult. Especially with the exorbitant functionality of Google Ads & co is difficult to get started at first & time consuming.

Where do you start? How do you structure your account? Which factors are decisive for your success?

Based on many years of experience in the AdWords area, we can answer all of these questions individually. Feel free to contact us for a free initial consultation.

Save analysis & Increase performance

You have been advertising on SEA for some time and have invested in an advertising budget, but the results do not meet your expectations?

Perhaps you have already tried a lot and now you lack the idea of ​​what could be the cause? Perhaps you are using inappropriate keywords that do not match your customers’ intentions. Or your ad texts are not convincing …

We would like to invite you to contact us for an in-depth analysis. For many of our customers in the SEA sector, we have already been able to increase the return on investment by over 100%.

After we become familiar with your goals & having familiarized yourself with the requirements, you’re ready to go: We carefully analyze your advertising account & taking into account relevant influencing factors. You will then receive comprehensive advice from us with appropriate recommendations for action. If you wish, we can also support you with the implementation.

Our offer for SMEs

Since we know that small to medium-sized companies often have difficulties in properly planning the comparatively high costs of SEA support, we would like to make you a transparent offer.

For 2,500 € we take care of the initial setup of your campaigns & look after you continuously for 500 € per month .

No matter where you are: We work out an SEA concept based on your goals that will help you to reach your customers with a chance of success. Then we determine the right keywords & set up your campaigns comprehensively. We rely on a granular alignment that presents your ads to the user accurately according to their search intent.

As part of the support, we offer you ongoing readjustment & Control your ad performance. This includes e.g. bid adjustment, maintenance of negative keywords & Budget shift.

Do you need support in the SEA? Contact us for a personal meeting.

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