Kussin | Realisierungs UG - Individual software solutions

Kussin | Realisierungs UG (limited liability)

We are a team of experienced conceptualists, designers and software developers who turn your ideas into reality.

Individual, thoughtful and Hanseatic

Over the past 10 years, we have repeatedly implemented individual projects for well-known customers, which were often associated with a greater liability risk. In order not to jeopardize our eCommerce business in the long term, we decided in 2015 to found a second company that is solely responsible for the implementation of individual software solutions. So we have the Kussin | Realisierungs UG (limited liability) founded.

The principles of the Kussin | Realisierungs UG (limited liability) are to be considered in order to identify problems at an early stage and a Hanseatic way of working, i.e. the word counts more than any contract and is 100% reliable.

Innovation for the future of eBusiness

We solve problems, i.e. you have an innovative idea that is complicated or new, we find a solution and develop individual web applications. Our latest software solution is an Ajax application for integrating eSports software into any website (example: www.ran.de/games/fifa-und-madden-turniere).

Since 2017 we have been operating INF-O-MAT, a web application that collects personal data in order to offer consumers needs-based added value and offers online retailers the opportunity to get to know their customers better and thus significantly increase their conversion rate.

Furthermore, we are one of the first official partners of POSeidon, which entered the market in 2016 with the aim of combining stationary retail with eCommerce. Before we became an official partner, we were a service provider for POSeidon and developed some interfaces to transmit the product data to POSeidon.