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E-Mail marketing

Leverage the potential of a solid customer base through well-done newsletter marketing.

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Even in the age of WhatsApp & Co, e-mail is an indispensable means of communication. For many reasons, e-mail marketing should be part of your online marketing strategy:

  • You can actively maintain the customer’s interest
  • Considered a very cheap & effective form of online advertising
  • Flexible tests, evaluations & adjustments are possible

For you, this clearly means that regular mailings have potential that you should not leave behind. But even if you already benefit from it, do you use it effectively?

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Our services

We support you in important sub-disciplines.

Lead generation

What's the point of great mailings if no one reads them? Rely on the systematic & continuous expansion of your subscriber list.

  • Strategy finding & planning
  • Creation of customer advantages or lead magnet to register
  • Technical equipment incl. double opt-in


Content has to be planned. The right mix of informational added value & offer helps you to achieve long-term growth.
Secure support for the foundation of your newsletter success:

  • Advice for the selection of your software
  • Planning of content types
  • Choosing the right time & frequency

Creation & editorial

Do you lack the time or knowledge in writing high-performance content?
We take care of optimal content & perfect preparation:

  • Draft of a uniform design
  • Creation of suitable graphics
  • Convincing & target group-specific texts
  • Personalization of your newsletter

Evaluation & Testing

Using tracking data, we can effectively measure customer reactions.
We test different elements & track how recipients react to them. Based on this, the performance is continuously optimized.

  • Evaluation of key figures such as click and opening rate
  • Creation of A/B tests
  • Optimization of content & strategy

Get the most out of your leads

Email marketing is one of the most effective forms of online marketing. They generate traffic and increase customer loyalty through content that is specifically made for the target group. In addition to the often used-one-to-many communication of a mailing addressed to numerous users, the personalised approach of the one-to-one communication offers the possibility to involve a user already interested in the product offer even more emotionally. Because we know: Upsells are significantly more cost-effective than new customer acquisitions.

Mailings offer countless possibilities for contacting customers: Inform about events, developments, innovation and promotions. Maintain contact and maintain your customer relationships within the framework of sustainable customer relationship management. Reactivate inactive customers, reward high-revenue users, and remind them of your previously intended purchases.

Through individualized speeches on measurable success

Depending on your marketing goals, we design email campaigns that are designed to do so. The address is individual, target-group-oriented structured and designed on the basis of your corporate design.

Your client file serves as our fundament of data. By linking your database to our mailing system, we are able not only to target your customers, but also to track how they respond to your offers. Of course, when setting up tracking, we ensure that all data protection policies are respected.

We create relevant and useful information and content that encourages your customers to interact. The success of the campaigns can then be measured using metrics such as open, click, and conversionrate. This provides immediate feedback on the course, enabling short-term operational adjustments for successive optimization.

By selectively segmenting your customers and automating the mail ingestion event, we optimize the results of your mailing lists and campaigns. In this way we increase step-by-step your return-on-investment and establish sustainably fruitful customer relationships.

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