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With more than 15 years of experience in the field of online marketing, your online shop will also get off to a good start.

Young, creative and full of ideas

Whether Adwords, Bing, Facebook etc. we are a young and creative team of online marketers who are divided into two areas, on the one hand search engine marketing with SEO and SEA and online marketing with a focus on personalized mailing and one2one marketing.

The personal conversation makes the difference.

Our experience over the last few years has shown that many customers like to invest in online marketing, but that initial hope very quickly turns into resignation. The reason for this is that the customers are often not informed about the measures in detail, but receive reports with traffic indicators and conversion rates, which in many cases do not meet expectations. From our point of view, the actual work of the online marketing agency is not the problem, but the communication between customer and agency and the development of in-house competence, which is why we have introduced the monthly analysis meeting so that all project managers sit together once a month and analyze the last 4 weeks and discuss the planned decisions.

The potential lies in the inventory – turning buyers into repeat buyers

Often growth is associated with new customers, but in many cases the greatest growth is in the portfolio. Many are satisfied with a newsletter conversion (subscriber to purchase) of 0.08-0.1%, which means 30-35 purchases with 35,000 newsletter subscribers. We set ourselves the goal of significantly increasing this conversion and a target benchmark of 1-2%, i.e. the same customer base leads to 350-700 sales.

We achieve this growth through life cycles, which are individual newsletters that are tailored to the individual interactions of the subscriber.

Search engine optimization


Search engine optimization or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to measures that serve to ensure that websites appear at the top of the organic search engine ranking in the unpaid search results (organic listings). Various indicators and value drivers have to be taken into account.


Using the keywords associated with the content of the page, the performance and potential of the website can be measured. Influencing factors are impressions, clicks and rankings over time and in comparison to the competition.


In addition to the meta-information that is decisive for the display of search engine results, this applies to all content visible to the user. These should be relevant, useful and thematically appropriate and be in appropriate relation to the source text of the target pages.


How easy and clear is the interaction of the user with the system? Architecture, structure, presentation and functionality should adapt to the ergonomic needs of the visitor. The focus is on the satisfaction of the user as the basis for his stay and his return.


Sessions and the associated page views by users are a source of relevant data for problem solving and optimization. Target group characteristics, customer journey, sources and media of the flow of visitors – the way to the implementation of corporate goals can be analyzed at numerous points and offers a lot of helpful information.

Technical realization

The technical implementation of the website limits user experience and findability in search networks. This includes, for example, smooth crawling and full indexing of the pages in search engines, short loading times & amp; To guarantee error-free tags, to optimize source code and to rule out server errors as far as possible.

Search engine advertising


Search engine advertising, also known as SEA, keyword advertising or sponsored links and is a form of paid advertising in the results of search engines or on other websites of their advertising networks. Different advertising media are used.

Advertising on the search network

Here, text ads based on relevant keywords are placed in search networks in order to reach the customer as part of the topic-related information process. Alignments to different marketing goals such as increasing brand awareness, website interactions or product sales are possible.

Display advertising

Through the use of graphic advertising media, display advertising enables an individualized and specialized corporate image. In contrast to search engine advertising, users are not addressed in the information process, but rather after they have already expressed interest. Display advertising is of particular importance as a remarketing tool.


Due to their form, which is geared towards the specific purchase intention of the user, significantly more relevant leads are generated than with conventional ads. According to experience, high click rates and ranges can be achieved with simple implementation and administration of the campaigns.

Mobile advertising

More and more people are accessing websites on their mobile devices, both on the go and at home. A campaign tailored to mobile devices effectively promotes brand awareness, online and in particular app sales, but is particularly promising for promoting sales of shops via locally targeted advertisements.