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Onlineshop relaunch

Playboy Deutschland Publishing GmbH

Playboy is an American men’s magazine that is primarily known for erotic and nude photography, but also deals with various lifestyle topics in its articles. The German edition is published by Playboy Deutschland Publishing GmbH, a subsidiary of Hubert Burda Media.


For the sale of Playboy issues in print & digital, an online shop based on Magento was to be developed. Playboy merchandise items are also set to expand the range in the future. The prerequisites for the functionalities of the shop were:

  • The connection to ELAINE , a software for marketing automation & sending the newsletter
  • The integration of Kameleoon to optimize the user experience using A / B split testing
  • The connection to a fulfillment service provider for order processing

The possibility to use the shop for other projects & amp; Duplicate brands and transfer all functionalities as far as possible. In addition, all previous order data should be transferred to the system.


The development then took place as a Magento 2 multishop and thus functions as a central shop management for different brands of BurdaNews GmbH. In this way, the basic functionalities can be easily adopted.

With the help of a middleware for file transfer between different applications, all existing data such as articles, customers & order successfully transferred. The JSON data was converted from the server into REST API calls (programming interfaces).

The design: The flexible & intuitive Ultimo theme, often the first choice for Magento eCommerce. From this we developed a child theme, the Burdatheme, for adapting the general settings for the multi-shop. For Playboy and its specific requirements, we have created another child theme from it.

Special features

In line with the requirements of the shop, we also had to deal with the following challenges:

  • How can purchased ePapers without problems & be displayed to your customers as efficiently as possible?
  • How can legal texts be effectively & be managed centrally?

ePaper integration

The digital view of the ePaper issues should be loaded via HTML by an external service provider. We used an AJAX request for this, which provides a link that is valid until the end of the current minute. The request generates the individual link to the ePaper without reloading the page.

Newsletter connection with custom script

Since BurdaNews has its terms and conditions, imprint & data protection declaration managed centrally, had to be used when opting in for the newsletter. However, the legal texts for this are generated by standard settings during the integration between Magento and ELAINE. For this purpose, we have created a script that creates exactly this relationship between the central data protection declaration and the newsletter opt-in.


Kunde Playboy Deutschland Publishing GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2018 - today
Marke Playboy
Branche Publishing
System Magento 2
Projektthemen Fullfilment connection, ELAINE integration, Magento 2 Multistore

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