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Website modifications

Hanes Bodywear Germany GmbH

Shock Absorber is a brand belonging to Hanes Bodywear Germany GmbH and stands for high-quality and customized sports bras. Since 1994 the shock absorber has been continuously developed based on intensive research.


The aim of the project was to optimize the existing shop finder – a system that showed the user the right retailer in his area based on the zip code.

Above all, the usability should be brought to a new level. Shock Absorber Shopfinder


This was first implemented using simple HTML tables that displayed data on the associated shop. So that the user could search and filter, we installed the jQuery plugin “DataTables” in the TYPO3 system of the website, which converts simple HTML tables into sortable and searchable lists.

In addition, we still provide support work in the event of technical problems with the current WordPress website.

Kunde Hanes Bodywear Germany GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2012 - today
Marke Shock Absorber
Branche sportswear
System WordPress, TYPO3
Projektthemen Shopfinder optimization, jQuery DataTables, Technical support

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