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Website relaunch

Markenfilm Berlin GmbH

Markenfilm Berlin provides a production service for the entire film industry. Markenfilm Berlin’s reputation has grown over the years through various production partners in various areas, be it TV commercials, music commercials, documentaries or digital content.


The goal of the project was the relaunch of the existing Markenfilm Berlin website. The website should be developed in a visionary way, i.e. contain future ideas and technologies.


  1. Dynamic website based on WordPress incl. simple integration of video content
  2. Technology: HTML/PHP, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript/jQuery
  3. Browser Compatibility: Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, Google Chrome

The website should also be responsive, i.e. optimized for all types of end devices.


First, we made design drafts of the respective content types (home page, contact page, film categories by clients and directors). After acceptance, the development process based on WordPress began.

So we set up all content types using ACF (Advanced Custom Fields) and configured the templates provided. After implementing the style sheet (CSS), we were able to provide the finished page on the development server for testing.

The go-live then took place after all errors had been eliminated and the website had been approved as part of the final testing.

More adjustments

After some time, the website fell victim to a virus that paralyzed the website. Accordingly, we were commissioned to restore it.

The procedure was as follows:

  1. Temporary domain redirect
  2. Error analysis
  3. Remove malware by backup
  4. Update of WordPress and all plugins
  5. Testing
  6. Backup of cleaned system
  7. Disabling temporary domain redirection

Some requirements were added later, such as setting up an SSL certificate and a cookie banner. We also carried out some system updates and fixed other errors such as the Google Maps integration on the contact page.

Kunde Markenfilm Berlin GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum -
Marke Markenfilm Berlin
Branche Filmmaking
Leadagentur Markenfilm Crossing GmbH
System WordPress
Projektthemen Wordpress relaunch, Virus cleanup, Advanced Custom Fields

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