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Through a multi-stage process we continuously fix security gaps in your eCommerce store.

Secure patch management from experience

Are you aware of the relevance of regular security patches or feature updates & looking for a suitable partner for technical implementation? For more than 10 years, patch management has been a central part of our development strategy. Especially since the GDPR came into force, data security is more important than ever.

You may be particularly interested in having an experienced and trusted partner at your side. We are happy to offer you a free consultation in which we ask for your wishes & ideas and provide you with constructive solutions – regardless of whether you would like to work with us. Contact us today.

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What we can do for you

Patch management is used to rectify software errors or vulnerabilities in a structured manner as quickly as possible to ensure the best possible security of company and customer data.

Due to the increasing number of reportable security incidents according to GDPR, Kussin | eCommerce und Online-Marketing decided to implement its patch management on the basis of the patch management guidelines required by the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision, so that you get the best possible security of your data.

Our patch management builds on our deployment process and is divided into two patch variants:

  • Patch variant 1 – security vulnerability: In the event of critical security vulnerabilities, we regularly carry out an update within 24 hours of the patch release, i.e. immediately after the patch is released, it is imported into our test system and then the System checked for errors. After the test has been completed, the patch is imported into the LIVE system.
  • Patch variant 2 – bug fix / feature: We will release non-security-relevant updates on Patch Tuesday [1] recorded.

The patch management is part of our framework agreement, which regulates the long-term cooperation between us and our customers.

[1] Patch Tuesday: We usually install non-security updates on Tuesdays.

Your advantages

Why we are the right one for your maximum system security.

Efficient structuring

In order to minimize the loss of sales due to downtimes due to fundamental updates, we install bundled feature updates.

24/7 availability

In the event of a significant security breach, it is imperative to act quickly. We are always available for you & get started right away.

Maximum security

In eCommerce in particular, errors in development can be serious. We use a test environment and exercise the utmost care.