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UNLIMITED for partners launch


MOVE YA! is a leading provider of fitness music, offering high-energy tracks and playlists specifically designed to enhance workout sessions. The MOVE YA! Unlimited subscription provides users with unlimited access to an extensive music library curated for fitness professionals and enthusiasts.


MOVE YA! wants to offer the Unlimited subscription as a reseller product for partners like Swedebeat. The goal is to enable partners to sell UNLIMITED subscriptions alongside their own products and earn a commission. Additionally, MOVE YA! aims to provide an UNLIMITED upgrade for their own subscriptions, allowing partner customers to access MOVE YA! playlists.


We developed a comprehensive approach to meet these requirements. The strategy includes creating a custom MOVE YA! Composer package that automatically installs and configures all necessary extensions and settings for Magento. Key tasks included:

  • Creating a Composer Package: Development and provision of a Composer package (e.g., composer require moveya/unlimited-for-partners) containing all necessary modules and extensions.
  • Integration of Third-Party Extensions: Incorporation of required third-party extensions such as Amasty Subscriptions and Recurring Payments.
  • Development of Specific Modules: Implementation of core modules like Wmdk_MyUnlimited, Wmdk_MyUnlimitedCache, and Wmdk_MyUnlimitedEmail.
  • Customization and Configuration: Setting up and configuring the modules to meet the specific needs of the partners.
  • Providing Updates: Regular updates and maintenance of the Composer package to ensure all dependencies and extensions are up to date.

Additional Modules and Extensions:

  • Amasty Custom Modules: WDevs_RecurringPayments, WDevs_RecurringPaymentsLogs, WDevs_RecurringPaypal.
  • Stigasoft Modules: Stigasoft_ManagePlaylist, Stigasoft_Subscriptiondownload.
  • Other Modules: Moveya_AmastyRecurringPaymentsTrialPeriod, Moveya_AmastyRecurringPaymentsSubscriptionDateFix, Moveya_AmastyRecurringPaymentsStripe, Moveya_AmastyRecurringPaymentsExtGrid, Moveya_AmastyRecurringPaymentsEmailNotification, Moveya_AmastyRecurringPaymentsCustomOptionsExtend, Moveya_AmastyRecurringPaymentsConfig, Moveya_AmastyRecurringPaymentsAddonAdminGridFix.
  • Third-Party Paid Modules: Amasty_RecurringCashOnDelivery, Amasty_RecurringPaypal, Amasty_RecurringStripe, Amasty_Stripe, Amasty_RecurringPayments.

This implementation enables partners like Swedebeat to seamlessly integrate the MOVE YA! Unlimited subscription into their own shops, offering additional value to their customers while benefiting from commissions.

Kunde MOVE YA!
URL www.move-ya.de/unlimited-music
Betreuungszeitraum 2023 - today
Marke MOVE YA!
Branche Fitness music
System Magento 2
Projektthemen Composer package development, Integration of third party extensions, Developing own modules

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