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Lüchau Baustoffe GmbH

The name Lüchau has stood for competence in the building materials trade since 1902. Since then, customers have placed their trust in Lüchau building materials.

With six branches in Wedel, Hamburg, Elmshorn, Halstenbek and Uetersen, Lüchau Baustoffe GmbH is a well-known, regional specialist store for house and garden.

Lüchau Baustoffe GmbH is an independent company with an individual corporate philosophy but integrated into the purchasing strength of a building materials cooperation that is one of the top 10 in the industry in Europe.


The website already existed on the WordPress CMS system and already had its basic structure including content. It was requested that the following corrections & features to be developed:

  • Styling adjustments, primarily via CSS
  • A pop-up for newsletter registrations
  • Adaptation of the contact form
  • Secure plugin updates
  • PHP update from version 7.0 to 7.2
  • Calendar for booking consultations
  • Update of the slider


It started with rudimentary CSS styling adjustments of the header, footer and content sections. Most of the corrections were required on the home page, but the contact form also required some important changes. In the course of this, a ReCaptcha version 3 was also integrated via the “Contact Form 7” plugin.

The newsletter popup was individually programmed using HTML & CSS and appears after a certain session duration for new users.

So that plugins could be updated safely without complications, we used “TortoiseSVN” for versioning development progress.

The “Appointment Hour Booking” plugin was installed for the appointment calendar. In order to do justice to the different temporal and local conditions, we have configured the plug-in and also made some styling adjustments. The link & the section for this was then integrated into the sidebar.

Since the slider could only include complete images in the previous state, any text could only be recognized in the image and not available in HTML. After some development, Text & graphics are effectively separated from each other.

Kunde Lüchau Baustoffe GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2018 - today
Marke Lüchau Bauzentrum
Branche Building materials
System WordPress
Projektthemen Website optimization, Newsletter Popup, CSS modifications

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