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Onlineshop support

HealthMedia 21 GmbH

Healthmedia 21 GmbH sells different products in the health industry. This includes the HANUKO brand (dietary supplements), various publications and online products. The bestselling author Patric Heizmann has been successful for years with his stage program “I’m then slim” and his current book / program “Essen erlaubt!” another brand of Healthmedia 21 GmbH.


The aim of the project was to develop an online shop where fitness items (e.g. protein bars & shakes) are available for online purchase. The project also included the meinTAG mobile app, which users could download free of charge and the smart support of a healthy diet. The app should be used as a traffic source and prompt users to buy in the IBDMS online shop.


In 2009 we realized the shop as a Magento development and looked after the brand until 2011. The new takeover followed in 2013, with various business partners taking part. Until then, IBDMS consisted of meinTAG, the online shop, a blog (advice and recipes) and a forum.

Now we should assign a different objective to the entire project and focus more on the online shop.

Special features

With the new prioritization we were confronted with some hurdles in the foundation of the development. The so-called SSO (Single Sign On) made the web application meinTAG through a Python in-house development to become the master of the entire online portal, although the program should only be used as a traffic source. The system was extremely limited and the Magento user administration was completely undermined.

In the project structure, SSO had the task of ensuring a user login using the same user data in several systems. That should make the interaction between meinTAG, online shop and forum easier. In the course of this, the login data were sent to meinTAG and only registered in Magento after positive feedback. The SSO logic was implemented with server-side cURL requests and JSON responses.

Magento Update: The Process

In the course of our work at IBDMS, the Magento shop system should be updated from version 1.4 to 1.7. It was sometimes the goal to remove the SSO logic, since meinTAG was no longer active in the meantime.

The greatest effort was associated with the data migration, because all shop data had to be exported and re-imported in a defined order, as a lot of data is based on one another:

  • Product data
  • Categories
  • Up- and cross-sale settings
  • Customer data
  • Orders
  • Invoices
  • Delivery notes
  • CMS blocks
  • CMS pages

We then set the shop configuration manually & implemented some adjustments in the design.

Our activity in online marketing

In the course of time, we took over the complete operation of the online shop, which on the one hand served the system-related maintenance and later also a holistic marketing concept including continuous implementation.

We were responsible and responsible for the following fields of activity:

  • Operation of the Facebook page with regular provision of content (e.g. nutrition tips, advertising for discount campaigns)
  • leadership of the Google & Bing Ads accounts, consisting of search ads and shopping ads
  • Mailchimp email marketing with informational & commercial content
  • Conception of regular discount campaigns & implementation of this
  • Key figure monitoring with monthly reports

Online shop administration

For the optimal flow of logistics and customer satisfaction, we deal with the following areas:

  • Customer service by email including returns management in cooperation with Rhenus for Warehouse & amp; Fulfillment
  • Management of PayPal buyer protection requests
  • Management of Trusted Shops feedback
  • Head of Amazon Payments & orders
Kunde HealthMedia 21 GmbH
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