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Website relaunch

PIM-Consult GmbH

PIM-Consult GmbH is a management consultancy in the field of product information management and supports large companies in the selection and integration of complex systems for the robust, structured and central management of information on their products.


The aim of the project was a website relaunch based on WordPress as the CMS. The following could not be missing:

  • SEO-capable texts & basic optimizations
  • Blog function
  • Availability in English and German
  • Finished template
  • Parallax effects
  • Integration of Google Analytics


The design was implemented using GavickPro’s “CloudHost theme” and was therefore easy to implement. Requirements such as parallax effects were also met satisfactorily.

Basic optimizations were used for search engine optimization, such as the recording of high-performance metadata from all pages. We used the “All-in-One SEO” plugin for this. The actual website content was also made available to users & search engine optimized.

The blog in the form of the news area could easily be maintained with the standardized WordPress blog function.

The multilingual availability of the content in german & english was solved using the “WP Multilingual CMS” plugin. In this way, each CMS page and the configuration of the website could be adapted separately for both languages.

Kunde PIM-Consult GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2015-today
Marke PIM-Consult
System WordPress
Projektthemen Wordpress relaunch, Multilingual, CloudHost theme

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