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Onlineshop relaunch 2019

Warehouse One GmbH & Co. KG

For snowboarders, wakeboarders, skaters and people who always want to be stylishly dressed, there is no way around Warehouse One. Warehouse One has been offering fashion and funsport products from small and emerging labels to established brands since 1996.


The primary intention of the relaunch project was the upgrade to the newer OXID-eSales version 6. Since version 4.9, which was installed before the project, announced the end-of-life and thus the discontinuation of support, an update was available especially from the point of view of system security, duty.

In the course of this, other topics were also taken up that showed a need for optimization in the original version:

  • Visual CMS: So far, the creation of pages has been very inflexible & could only be done rudimentarily without knowledge of HTML and CSS
  • Navigation: It was also essential to intervene in the code before editing the menu
  • FACT-Finder: The functionality of the smart search required some extensions that should improve usability
  • Design: The theme should also meet the requirements of the new system

In addition, the caching & all modules reinstalled as well as the PHP & MySQL version will be updated.


In the state before the relaunch, it was not possible for Warehouse One employees to intuitively create CMS pages & design them according to their own ideas. Therefore, with the Visual-CMS we have created the possibility to insert content via drag and drop & flexible to adapt.

The navigation was also equipped with a visual CMS function: Now every employee can easily adjust the menu structure without interfering with the code.

The extension of FACT-Finder

Since the previous FACT-Finder engine was out of date, which resulted in display problems & expressed delayed loading of products, the system had to be expanded.

Using a database developed in-house, “ WebCompontents ” was integrated for the product presentation. So the products could be displayed neatly & can be loaded particularly quickly.

In addition, the search bar has been equipped with a smart suggest function that suggests not only products, but also categories or brands & represents optimally.

Design, PHP & Database

The previous theme has been modernized by us & adapted to the new system requirements. The PHP version has been updated from 5.6 to 7.1 & the MySQL database was completely migrated to the new system. With a few adjustments, we took over Cloudflare so that caching continues to work without any problems.

New installation of modules

The modules & Marketplace interfaces had to be completely reinstalled in the course of the relaunch. We also developed our own module for the central administration of any tracking scripts (Google Analytics, Ads, Facebook Pixel, etc.).

Kunde Warehouse One GmbH & Co. KG
Betreuungszeitraum 2019
Marke Warehouse One
Branche Snowboard, wakeboard, skate & style
System OXID eSales
Projektthemen Upgrade to Oxid 6, FACT-Finder extension, Visual-CMS

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