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Technical optimization OHG is the specialist for everything to do with crocheting and knitting. You can find not only wool, yarns and fabrics, but also accessories and inspiration in the online shop for handicraft goods. Have fun doing it yourself.


It started with general shop optimizations, which dealt with the following tasks:

  • Presentation of the thank you page
  • Value vouchers should be reusable
  • Correction of syntax problems
  • Switching from the e-mail tool Cleverreach to Mailchimp

In the future, the online shop range is to be expanded to include bundle products in order to combine different products and thus increase the shopping cart value.

In addition, we offer support with the upcoming changeover from the existing dedicated server to a managed server, which enables greater security and support options from the hoster.


Since the existing thank you page complied with the OXID standard & was their styling inappropriate & partially flawed. By means of some modernizations & Bug fixes, we were able to optimize the graphical representation so that it is clear for the user & underlines the visual identity of the shop.

Using a Digidesk module, we were able to adapt the logic for the application of vouchers to the requirements & ensure that vouchers for goods can be redeemed multiple times.

The incorrect syntax in HTML manifested itself, for example, in the fact that vouchers were placed in front of the start page, but were not displayed due to their configuration. We have adjusted the responsible rules & the structure adapted to the desired result.

Previously, newsletters were sent via the Cleverreach software. Since the requirement was to switch to Mailchimp, we migrated all existing user data and integrated the opt-in in the web shop.

Kunde OHG
Betreuungszeitraum 2019 - heute
Branche Wool and handicraft accessories
System OXID eSales
Projektthemen Thank-You-Page optimization, Syntax troubleshooting, Mailchimp exchange

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