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Onlineshop relaunch

SULEJ Ladebordwand OHG

The company SULEJ Ladebordwand OHG is a leading company in the repair and maintenance of tail lifts as well as in the dispatch of spare parts. In addition to the spare parts online shop , the official company website offering competent service around the operation of the tail lift.


The shop should be available in German and English, clearly structured, offer various payment methods and have different delivery services to choose from. Kussin | eCommerce und Online-Marketing conceived the shop, drafted the design and developed the shop on the basis of Oxid eSales.

The following special features were also requested for the shop:

  • Implementation of a live chat tool
  • Installation of the “spare parts finder” filter system
  • Availability of free gift items from a certain order value
  • Restriction of the visibility of certain articles to specific customer groups

The shop was equipped with functional tracking (Google Analytics, Google Ads) for key figure monitoring and the resulting advertising measures.


The shop was developed on Oxid 4.7-4.9, which is the Community Edition. The Roxid theme, which was also equipped with responsive design, was used as the theme.

The LiveZilla module was used to make the live chat work. An in-house development was programmed for the spare parts filter, which acted via an AJAX request. This system was based on the product attributes available in OXID. Since the shop has a very extensive range, the “JX Attr Edit” module was installed to efficiently adjust attributes.

The module “” was used as a foundation for adding free articles, but it carried out the process on a separate page outside of the checkout. Thanks to a further development by Kussin, the process could now also be carried out within the checkout process. The free articles could now easily be entered in the backend and were also displayed in the order confirmation.

Since certain products have to be transported elsewhere due to their excess length, the basis for higher shipping costs for corresponding articles was created within OXID via Smarty.

Kunde SULEJ Ladebordwand OHG
Betreuungszeitraum 2014 - today
Branche tail lift
System OXID eSales
Projektthemen Oxid eSales shop, Live-Chat, Filtersystem

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