KUSSIN | Artikeleditor for OXID eSales

KUSSIN | Artikeleditor for OXID eSales

Efficient management of your articles in your OXID eShop

Optimize your article maintenance

Experienced OXID users know the problem: The data maintenance of articles in the OXID backend can sometimes be quite cumbersome. Feels like an infinite number of clicks for editing translations or adding product attributes, duplicating articles only works on an individual basis.

Our solution: The Artikeleditor – Finally effective data maintenance at OXID!

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How the Artikeleditor for OXID works

Our Artikeleditor for OXID eSales optimizes the data maintenance of your OXID eSales shop by up to 300%.

The Artikeleditor is an external data maintenance tool, ie it is not an actual OXID module, but an independent software that is connected to the OXID database. On the one hand, this takes a lot of load off your OXID eShop and, on the other hand, the Artikeleditor is independent of OXID updates and works with both OXID 4 and OXID 6.

Due to the independence from the actual OXID shop, there is also a separation of rights so that data maintenance employees have no access to the sales of the online shop.

With version 2.5.0 we will also introduce full integration into the OXID backend, so that the Artikeleditor can be used by administrators without changing the system. In addition, with version 2.5.0 a live chat is introduced to support the use of the Artikeleditor, so we can support you in real time with the use.

You can find detailed information on the article editor including costs at www.artikeleditor.de .


Experience has shown that the creation of articles works up to 300% faster than in the OXID standard.

Bulk processing

Copying or removing articles works without any problems thanks to our multiple selection.

Cross Selling Turbo

The addition of cross-sales works in the article editor via the automatic assignment.


The article editor works via a separate backend, which is designed for maximum usability.

Frequently asked questions about the Artikeleditor

Which shop systems are supported by the Artikeleditor?

The system is currently only available for OXID.

Which OXID version is required?

The system works completely across versions as long as OXID does not change its database structure. It acts as an independent software that is connected directly to the database during installation.

Are there expansion options?

Yes, please contact us for individual adjustments to your needs.

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