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Recognize opportunities through in-depth analyzes.

The first analysis is free

eCommerce and all business online activities offer a decisive advantage – user actions can be tracked down to the last detail. This will give you valuable information about which measures are working.

The problem with this: The evaluation is usually more difficult than expected. To find your way around the gigantic variety of measured values ​​(KPIs) & drawing the correct conclusion from this can take a lot of time and effort.

And most importantly – it requires knowledge & experience! Do you know where to start to get a newsletter campaign well-founded in Google Analytics & evaluate other tools?

If you need support with this, we have good news for you: We offer you a free initial analysis in which we identify essential problem points & identify your business opportunities. Please contact us.

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SEO off- & onpage

How does Google see your website or your online shop? Are you ranking on relevant and in-demand search terms? You should know where you are not yet exhausting your potential! Get our support & we will check your web presence thoroughly - both the optimization of the site itself and its external presentation.

SEA check

How are your ads performing on Google or Bing? Are you using all the relevant keywords that your competitors will also benefit from? We analyze your ads account & landing pages with regard to the limitations of your success and areas of potential. We use tools such as SISTRIX or SEM-Rush, which cover a wide variety of data.

Usability analysis

An almost primary success factor, especially for eCommerce shops - after all, the user should have it as easy as possible to shop with you. And of course it should be fun!
Are the colors correctly coordinated? Which elements is the attention drawn to? Thanks to various usability optimizations, we know what is important!

KPI reportings

The most important key figures (KPIs) in one overview! Especially in eCommerce, you should know how your business is performing at every level of the customer journey. In addition to simple Excel reports with essential data, we even offer you specially developed dashboards in which the key indicators are graphically presented in an educational way.

Tracking setup & configuration

Is your shop currently undergoing a relaunch or is it being completely redesigned? Setting up functional tracking should now be your next step.

Google Analytics is the minimum to start with! And if you want to run search ads, the Google Ads Tag should not be missing. Not only for the use of AI-controlled smart bidding strategies, but also to check the success of the advertisement in a differentiated manner.

Regardless of whether Magento, Oxid, WordPress or other shop and CMS systems: We offer you support in setting up tracking. With reliable modules or independent integration of tracking codes, we ensure authentic tracking of user actions.

Often it is not enough – analytics accounts in particular should be configured precisely. E.g. the exclusion of referrals by payment service providers is essential to avoid false conclusions.

Always stay on the ball

The observation of visitor flows, transaction processes and all functions and contents of your own website is the be-all and end-all of successful web offers. An evaluation of the results of key figure-based off-page and on-page analysis provides essential information about where there is a need for optimization.

Whether search engine ranking, campaign success, process quality or usability – all of this can be observed and optimized using strategic metrics and indicators.

The values ​​at a glance

Upon request, we will analyze your website technically and in terms of content. In addition to Google Online Services such as Analytics and the Search Console, various on- and off-page analysis tools such as Ryte, Sistrix or Searchmetrics are used.

We shed light on traffic and users, their behavior on the page and their interaction with content, transactions, goals, and page entries and exits. We check the findability of your site in search engines, analyze page content and link structures. We uncover optimization potential and create further development concepts. With one goal: to increase your business success.

Are you interested in one of our marketing services? An input analysis is carried out free of charge for you in the run-up to each offer.

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