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novado GmbH

novado is the online shop of MBG International Premium Brands GmbH from Paderborn for alcoholic drinks, snacks, merchandise & promotion packages from popular brands such as SCAVI & amp; RAY , DOS MAS , SALITOS , effect , THREE SIXTY VODKA, GANIC , GOLDBERG & SONS , AriZona and much more.


The aim of the project was the self-sufficient connection of a new sales channel, namely eBay. Some items had already been sold there before, but that should be scaled and professionalized in the course of the project.

The following requirements should be met:

  • With drinks & food no individual bottles, cans, etc., but only full units (carton / tray, etc.) should be offered on the marketplace.
  • Drinks with a price of more than 39 € can be offered as single items.
  • The prices offered on the marketplace should be made up as follows: Prices of full units or, if applicable, individual items + 10% surcharge + € 5.90 shipping costs
  • The products should generally be displayed as “free of shipping costs” (freight price already included in the regular price)
  • An automatic transfer of orders from the marketplace in Magento (+ export to the COPA merchandise management system)

In addition, existing items from eBay had to be assigned to the associated Magento products.


After registration with M2E Pro, we installed the module on the DEV branch – it was then transferred to the STAGE server through our deployment. The idea was to establish the connection to the eBay sandbox there and to test the entire facility carefully.

Due to technical problems with the sandbox, because of time constraints, the decision was made to carry out the setup directly on the LIVE.

First there were these questions:

  • How are the titles created? Since the quantity information belongs in the title, we needed a new attribute to output the eBay title. (Example: effect energy 0.33L tray ( 24×0.33L) // 4.92 € / L)
  • How are the prices displayed correctly? Since the plugin only allows either a percentage or a fixed price surcharge per offer, the eBay prices had to be set up in a separate attribute. (+ 10% + 5.9 €)

We finally resolved the selection of the products via an import, in which novado maintained the attributes “eBay Price” and “eBay Title” for all planned eBay items.


So-called listings are created in M2E Pro to determine the basic configuration of eBay products:

  • Shipping costs and duration
  • Offer title & description
  • EAN
  • Tax rate
  • Payment method
  • Price (selection of price attribute & price change)
  • Quantity

Since the articles differ in their shipping method and taxation, we created three listings:

  • For items with 19% VAT
  • For items with 7% VAT
  • For shipping items

Categories & attributes

Based on the specified eBay category, the required & optional attributes were set. We assigned the correct attributes for all categories.

List item on eBay & update

If a product was created via eBay, the product had to be assigned to the Magento article using the “Third-party products” function. If a Magento product was already added to a listing before it was assigned, it had to be removed from the listing before the third-party product was added. Otherwise the product would be listed twice on eBay.

The upload of individual articles was successful, after which we discontinued the other articles via bulk processing. We were confronted with some error messages, e.g .:

  • Missing attributes
  • Description contains iFrame

We then updated the missing attributes and created a new description field “eBay Description” to provide the description without iFrame.

Limits when setting

Since eBay limits the number of articles uploaded in a period of time, we had to upload many articles with a time delay. The fact that items with zero inventory were completely removed from eBay and uploaded again at Restock meant that the limits were constantly exhausted and a large part of the items could no longer be listed.

The solution in this case is to activate the “Out of stock option” on eBay in the sales settings. Articles with zero stock are no longer stopped, but remain and are simply not listed until the stock is replenished.

Order import

If the setting “Automatic Synchronization” is activated, orders are imported into M2E Pro and thus into Magento. With a few interventions, the data can then transferred to the inventory control system.

Kunde novado GmbH
URL www.novado.de
Betreuungszeitraum 2021
Marke novado GmbH, MBG International Premium Brands GmbH
Branche Liquor trade
System Magento 2
Projektthemen Automatic order import, Inventory synchronization, Development of a price calculation logic

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