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Parma Sassone GbR

The Parma Sassone GbR sells numerous top items for stag parties and maids of honor in its online shop Hen & Stag. Specializing in bachelorette party outfits and accessories, Hen & Stag offers its customers everything they need for this important phase of life.


The aim of the project is to support the Magento 2 online shop for continuous optimization and updates. The focus is initially on error-free development of the entire shop construct.

By taking over the development administration, sustained security in the system is to be ensured, which we support with our support.

The major update from Magento CE 2.2 to 2.4 also brought some technical hurdles, which Parma Sassone GbR put in our care.

In addition, some optimizations were requested over time:

  • Integration of WEBP for a faster loading time
  • Setting up Advanced JS Bundling


First a new development environment (Dev / Work) was set up, the associated server was configured & tested. All adjustments are made from there and put live via the deployment process.

Since there was no fully automatic deployment process up to now, we took care of the error-free setup of it.

In addition, some fine adjustments followed:

  • Remove superfluous modules
  • Usability optimizations designed and implemented
  • Fixed functional bugs

The update from Magento 2.2 to 2.4

First, new development, staging or live servers from Krankikom were backed up and set up. Databases had to be updated and Apache switched to HTTP/2.

After the new version was installed on the newly set up development server, we carried out all module and plugin updates. The theme has also been updated. Finally, the .htaccess had to be updated, with image redirects and cache lifetime being particularly relevant. For the search we had to replace MySQL with ElasticSearch due to a bug.

As a result of some bug fixes, we were able to carry out the deployment. When no more errors occurred during testing, it went live.

WebP integration for faster loading time

For the time being, all images were manually converted to .webp (including all relevant resizes) and pushed to the LIVE server. The templates have now been changed so that the <picture> element is used in all listings (category pages, sliders, etc.). The .jpg format images remain included as a fallback (hence the picture element) for browsers that don’t support .webp.

Setting up Advanced JS Bundling

Advanced JS bundling was installed to reduce the number and size of server requests and thus achieve better performance. After configurations in the backend, the following adjustments had to be made:

  1. After the static content was generated, we had to put it in a tmp directory.
  2. Then the content was optimized with r.js and written back to the correct directory.
  3. Then the build.js had to be adjusted.
  4. Then the command was executed again with r.js.

After a few bug fixes in the CSS and minicart area, we were able to set up the bundling for the live server.

Kunde Parma Sassone GbR
Betreuungszeitraum 2019 - heute
Marke Hen&Stag
Branche Party accessories
System Magento 2
Projektthemen Onlineshop support, Usability optimization, Troubleshooting, Magento 2.4 update

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