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Social media marketing

In the age of Facebook, Twitter and Co, an important element in the marketing mix

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In the B2C market in particular, marketing in social media is almost indispensable! How so? Where else can you find such a large part of your target group?

As a rule, social media users are not under stress at the moment of use, but pass the time – so a good opportunity for you to grab their attention.

To be continuously present in all channels takes a lot of time & Energy – Strategic Planning, Content Creation & Administration…

No matter where you stand: With our help you will ensure great results & rich interaction like customer loyalty through social media marketing.

Benefit from a free initial consultation in which we will discuss your goals & Go through opportunities carefully.

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Strategy planning

Your content via social media should reach the right target group in a relevant and structured manner in the right channel. The following measures are indispensable:

  • Selection of channels
  • Determination of the right subject areas of your content that your target group is passionate about.

We'll help you develop a well-thought-out strategy that will give you fans & interaction.


Continuous development of content is certainly very time-consuming. Probably sooner or later you will find it difficult to keep up the activities on social media - if you do not plan carefully.

  • Development of suitable post formats
  • Write qualitative texts & graphics

With extensive experience in social media marketing, we can create great content in a minimum of time.

Social media advertising

Of course, social networks also use your reach in monetary terms - and to your advantage. How so? You have endless possibilities when it comes to targeting.

  • Target group analysis & definition
  • Creation of ad content
  • Structuring your campaigns

Make your ads our task!


For sustainable growth, it is essential to regularly evaluate all social media-relevant key figures. In this way, irrelevant content can be quickly identified & replaced.

  • Evaluation of your advertising campaigns via social media
  • Evaluation of your transactional-oriented contributions & the resulting sales

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The target group in focus

Social media marketing is a sub-area of ​​content marketing that aims to win and bind users with informative, stimulating and useful content and indirectly influence their attitude and willingness to take action. What is special here, however, is the direct social interaction with the target group.

While social media are usually used for branding purposes and serve as informative interactive media for target group analysis, it is also possible, similar to search engine advertising, to run advertising campaigns and advertisements in different media forms and based on results measure target-specific success indicators.

Overview of the channels

The largest networks for your success.


The all-rounder among social networks - you can find everything here. All industries, all conceivable formats with an exorbitant variety of data.
There is a lively exchange & the focus is on a colorful mix of interaction.


With 400 million users worldwide, the pioneer among image networks. The focus is on creating & sharing visual elements, while the content is based more on social contacts & the associated profiles. The main goal here is building a strong brand.


Unlike Instagram, Pinterest is a kind of visual search engine to discover and collect new and interesting media. The arrangement of the images is thematic & the marketing focus is on generating direct conversion traffic


Videos should not be missing - from high-quality informative content to pure entertainment, there is something in all areas of interest.
Thanks to its strong authenticity, the medium of video is also more than suitable for spreading marketing messages.


The text network par excellence: Twitter can also be useful for your company to spread striking messages.
What opportunities does this open up? Branding can be cultivated through helpful content and direct traffic can also be generated.


No social media in the conventional system - WhatsApp is rather limited to the pure messenger function.
The advantage: users can be reached quickly and easily. Newsletters or chatbot automation can result in great interaction rates.

We bring you into position

Whether Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest – we are at your side with words and deeds. We analyze your initial situation and inform you about our findings, develop editorial plans corresponding to your strategic goals, create content, design and place advertising material, and conduct user dialogues.

We inform you regularly about the course of the campaigns, illustrate developments using defined performance indicators, and advise you on strategic and tactical measures. We help you to find out what your customers need. And to get them excited about your services.

Are you interested in this service? In the run-up to each offer, there is a free input analysis for you.

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