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Trusted Shops – Our experience

For better or worse, eCommerce in the 21st century is subject to constant growth – and is therefore becoming more and more opaque. This is precisely why, from our point of view, trust is a central element in eCommerce.

In fact, there is no way around gaining trust from customers. But how should new customers know whether they should trust you and order from you?

The answer to this complex of questions is now provided by a number of companies that all have similar core goals – namely to put their web shop in a trustworthy light. Here and now we will show you why Trusted Shops is the best choice in our experience.

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Why we recommend Trusted Shops

Well-known seal of approval

The Trusted Shops seal of approval is familiar to almost every returning eCommerce customer. In this way, it creates an effective impression of security in the mind of your customer.


As a retailer, you benefit from a rating system that attracts your customers' opinions almost magnetically and presents them to potential customers in an authentic manner.

Buyer Protection

How do you make your customer feel safe before making a purchase? With Trusted Shops Buyer Protection, every purchase is automatically secured up to a high amount.

Warning protection

In addition to more conversion, security is also a hot topic for you as a retailer. Always be legally protected with the Trusted Shops warning protection service.

Collect reviews? But right!

According to a bitkom statistics Reviews are the most important criterion for making an online purchase. Well, almost every shop system inherently has the option of writing product reviews.

Unfortunately, there are only two disadvantages:

  • With a large assortment, individual product reviews are hardly or not at all noticed
  • As a pure retailer brand, product reviews have little informative value about the company

In addition, reviews are usually only written if the experience is judged to be particularly positive or negative. In the case of satisfied customers, whose expectations have been met 1-to-1, the decisive driving force for an evaluation is usually missing.

More reviews with Trusted Shops: In our experience, it is surprisingly easy to collect a large number of reviews when using Trusted Shops. Plus, these are visible from anywhere & as a shop, evaluate what has the potential to influence potential customers even more.

Use Trusted Shops correctly – get our support

Are you upset when it comes to the optimal integration of Trusted Shops in your webshop? We are happy to advise & also provide executive support.

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