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Gigantic opportunities through a perfectly coordinated strategy in online marketing.

Central to us: Your performance

Being profitable in the long term as an eCommerce shop or online company often proves more difficult than expected. To gain a foothold in online marketing requires knowledge, perseverance & experience. Do you reach your target group? Do you communicate the right message? The path to a holistic strategy can cost you a lot of resources. Let us plan your route together & put your online business on a sustainable and high-performance course.

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Tailor-made strategies

The first step is planning. We help you find the right path to your success strategy.

Non-binding advice

We advise you authentically & honestly on the basis of all experience in a wide range of industries.

Close cooperation

Do you need acute support? We are at your side if you are being confronted problems.

Goal-oriented realization

We know what matters. We set clear priorities with a focus on your success.

Our services:

At the heart of our understanding of marketing is the kpi-based success analysis and optimization, the so-called performance marketing. Our agency services are aimed at optimizing the results of commercial offers such as webshops and service providers. Our goal: the success-oriented promotion of your products and services.

We run search engine advertising for you, take care of the user-oriented optimization of your website on and off page, develop target-group-oriented e-mail marketing campaigns with you and take care of the content of your sites and services within the framework of the Content marketing. Always in focus: Optimizing your transaction results in the short, medium and long term based on transparent performance indicators for you.


The organic optimization in the search results represents an essential milestone for the progressive visibility of your website. We bring your SEO on the road to success. Learn more

  • Technical SEO
  • Mobile optimization
  • Conversion optimization
  • Landing page optimization
  • Local SEO
  • OffPage Optimization


Careless advertising can cause you to lose more than you think. Through careful work & a well-engineered tailor-made strategy, we create profitable advertisements for your business. Learn more

  • Keyword finding
  • Campaign structuring
  • Ad copyrighting
  • Bid optimization
  • Display advertising
  • Product Listing Ads

Email marketing

Good mailing creates the basis for effective customer loyalty. An essential way to keep your regular customers going. Benefit from our creativity and expertise. Learn more

  • Planning & Strategy
  • Optin increase
  • Email Copyrighting
  • Design
  • Automation
  • Measurement value analysis

Content marketing

It's not for nothing that content is king! And certainly one of the best ways to differentiate yourself in your industry through competence and informative added value. Learn more

  • Keyword research
  • Copywriting of qualitative articles
  • SEO optimization for more traffic & better rankings

Social media marketing

Where does your target group regularly stay? Sure, on social media. Together we will develop a strategy for your presence on Facebook & Co that will allow your customer base to grow. Learn more

  • Determination of high-performance & popular post formats
  • Writing regular posts
  • Placement of advertisements

Online marketing: For whom?

Since 2006 we have been supervising, advising & working for customers who have benefited from our marketing expertise. But for whom is our performance suitable? Is our agency the right one for its business? Industry experience is an important benchmark, especially in online marketing, as it creates the foundation for adequate knowledge of target groups.

eCommerce Shops

From clothing to alcohol trade: Many companies that sell online have been able to benefit from our performance so far. With Kussin you are well positioned in all channels & increase your online performance.

Lokale Unternehmen

Whether real estate agents or retailers, craftsmen, lawyers or doctors… You can count on one thing – you give yourself into experienced hands with us. Your chances with the Internet are greater than you think.


Many start-up companies invest most of their time in product development or optimization of their services. And that’s a good thing! Get our help so that your marketing is not neglected.

Which strategy is appropriate?

In addition to the sub-areas mentioned above, it is helpful to think about how you want to approach your customers. After all, they want to reach their customers at a point where a purchase is most likely and most profitable – even on a long-term basis.

There are basically two methods: outbound and inbound marketing

Outbound – Wide reach for your audience

Outbound is often referred to as “interruption or old marketing” because it interrupts the user in his actual activity in order to gain his attention. For example, in the offline area, this includes TV spots or advertising posters.

In the online sector, the prime example is display advertising – facebook ads and Google display ads. But also a newsletter asks the user to focus on the message of the company.

This strategy, of course, has advantages and disadvantages, depending on the area of application. In this way, one’s own target group can be reached directly without being bound to specific situations. This creates a wide range of reach. In addition, unknown innovation can be easily presented to the target group.

Remarketing is also predominantly done via outbound. It is the easiest way to get unconverted prospects back to the site.

The weakness: It can happen that users feel annoyed by the interruption and thus develop negative associations towards the company.

Inbound: Being found by the user

How do you satisfy your customers? Of course! By giving them what they are looking for.

This is the greatest advantage of inbound marketing. So you should definitely realize your potential in terms of search ads – whether it’s Google Search Ads, Bing Ads or even Pinterest.

There are also huge opportunities in the area of SEO and content marketing. You continuously position yourself as an expert and thus gain the trust of your target group.

The strategy behind it

1. Attraction

For example, via blog, keywords or social media.

2. Converting

This can be a purchase or newsletter registration.

3. Completing

Administration of Customer Relationship Management.

4. Inspire

Get to know your own target group and tailor content.

INF-O-MAT: Collect data & Increase sales

The supreme discipline in online marketing is to deliver your customers needs-based marketing messages that really interest them. If your customer is a snowboarder, would it be helpful to send them newsletters with skate offers?

Where there is no need, there is no room for turnover. But how do you find out who’s into snowboarding on your mailing list &
who only subscribed to your newsletter because of skateboards?

The solution: The INF-O-MAT! It allows you, by sending high-quality information, to create an incentive for the user to provide you with personal data (such as interests, information on purchasing behavior).

More about the INF-O-MAT