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Onlineshop support

TERRA-Pflanzenhandel KG

Terra-Pflanzenhandel KG was founded in 2000 as an online mail order company for the Ernst Ramcke tree nursery in Halstenbek, which has been producing for over 100 years. The fourth-generation company has an assortment of around 20,000 different types of plants in all different colors, shapes, types and sizes. Many times praised for its product and process quality, Terra-Pflanzenhandel KG is one of the three largest online plant mail order companies in Germany.


The infrastructure consisted of Magento 1 as a shop system in connection with TYPO 3 as a CMS. After a detailed analysis, a user-oriented revision and optimization of all website content and its terminal-specific display should take place to improve web shop performance.

In addition, there is continuous strategic advice and the ongoing conception of marketing measures to exploit the economic potential.


First, various styling issues were cleared out of the way:

  • Adaptation of category pages (images/table) to responsive
  • Revision of the homepage teaser
  • Customize contact page
  • Header rebuild

In the process, we secured a new development server for a flawless deployment process. A complete server move including going live took place. SSL certificates also had to be recreated. We continuously expanded the shop with new extensions and functions such as certain default settings for configurable products.

When errors occurred in the checkout area, we had to readjust something, e.g. with:

  • Item total is hidden on mobile
  • Checkout: jump from shipping to payment method does not work
  • Magento does not transfer orders to Mailchimp
  • Problems with the search function

After the Magento shop was relaunched on the Shopware system by an external partner, we were to carry out bug fixes and optimizations.

Online Marketing

In addition to ongoing optimization of category page content for better rankings, we took on the conception and implementation of the entire campaign structure in Google Ads. We set up a Google Shopping campaign including Merchant Center and Shopping Feed (XML) for over 1000 items.

We set up a search ad campaign for each relevant category page and equipped it with the appropriate extensions. We also implemented the ongoing optimization of keywords, accounts and ad texts.

In order to always keep customers up to date about current offers, we communicated them via social media posts and sent regular newsletters via Mailchimp. This was always followed by a reminder with the same content from the previous newsletter to all recipients who did not open the e-mail.

We designed start page, newsletter and social media graphics in different formats for offers. To ensure that the discounts are also displayed in Google Ads, we submitted the offers to the Google Merchant Center each time.

Kunde TERRA-Pflanzenhandel KG
Betreuungszeitraum 2017 - today
Marke TERRA-Pflanzenhandel
Branche plant trade
System Magento, TYPO3
Projektthemen Magento onlineshop, ShopFusion connection (TYPO3), Google Ads support

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