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TERRA-Pflanzenhandel KG

Terra-Pflanzenhandel KG was founded in 2000 as an online mail order company for the Ernst Ramcke tree nursery in Halstenbek, which has been producing for over 100 years. The fourth-generation company has an assortment of around 20,000 different types of plants in all different colors, shapes, types and sizes. Many times praised for its product and process quality, Terra-Pflanzenhandel KG is one of the three largest online plant mail order companies in Germany.


After a detailed analysis, a user-oriented revision and optimization of all website content and its device-specific display should take place in order to improve the webshop performance. In addition, there is continuous strategic advice and the ongoing conception of marketing measures to exploit the economic potential.


Kunde TERRA-Pflanzenhandel KG
URL www.terra-pflanzenhandel.de
Betreuungszeitraum 2017 - today
Marke TERRA-Pflanzenhandel KG
Branche Plants
System Magento, TYPO3
Projektthemen Magento onlineshop, ShopFusion connection (TYPO3), Amicron connection

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