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Onlineshop relaunch

FOCUS Magazin Verlag GmbH

Focus is a German-language news magazine and a magazine published by Hubert Burda Media. It was founded in 1993 as an alternative to Spiegel and has been based in the German capital Berlin since 2015.


The aim of the project was the realization of an online shop for the sale of digital FOCUS magazines based on Magento. In order to meet the requirements, the following functions had to be integrated:

  • The integration of ELAINE for marketing automation & sending the newsletter
  • The connection of Kameleoon for the optimal user experience using A / B split testing
  • The connection to a fulfillment service provider for order processing

The foundation of the shop should also be transferable to other brands of BurdaNews GmbH such as Playboy without complex development.


The shop was then developed as a Magento 2 multishop and thus offers central shop management for various BurdaNews GmbH brands. In this way, the basic functionalities can be easily transferred.

The Ultimo theme was used as the basis for the design, which is usually a solid foundation for Magento eCommerce due to its flexibility. From this we created a child theme, the Burdatheme, for adapting the general settings for the multi-shop. We have developed another child theme for Focus and its specific requirements.

IVW reporting

For the best possible evaluation of the advertising space within the magazine, the IVW (information community for determining the distribution of advertising media) is the central point of reference. In order to provide the organization with information about the required key figures, we have generated a reporting. The data transfer took place with the help of PHP-Office, a software for generating Office documents from PHP files.

Newsletter connection with custom script

Due to the central administration of the terms and conditions, imprint & data protection declaration by BurdaNews GmbH, a connection between legal texts and ELAINE had to be created when opting in for the newsletter. The texts for this are generated by default settings when integrating ELAINE and Magento. For this we have developed a script that creates exactly this relationship between the central data protection declaration and the newsletter opt-in.

Deployment process

When the shop on the development server was completed after thorough testing, all data should be transferred to the empty stage server and finally to the live server. This process, whether automatic or manual, is called the deployment process. Due to the multi-shop construction, an efficient script could be developed which, after simple adjustment, automatically takes care of the process for other projects. This saves a lot of time on large projects.

Errors that resulted from version updates of Magento could be fixed with the help of patches. Some of the patches are provided by Magento itself, others had to be installed using the Composer (an application-oriented package manager) developed in-house.

Kunde FOCUS Magazin Verlag GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2019 - today
Marke FOCUS Magazin Verlag GmbH
Branche publishing company
System Magento 2
Projektthemen Magento 2 Multistore, ELAINE integration, Fullfilment integration

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