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Staudengärtnerei Henning Bargest

Lichtnelke is the shipping nursery with winter-proof rock garden and bed perennials, scented perennials, balcony perennials and numerous herbs freshly shipped by the Bargest nursery from Hamburg’s Vierlanden.

Naturally sustainable, sent at lightning speed, healthy outdoor plants of the highest quality, which customers in all parts of the country value highly – these are the quality promises of the Lichtnelke perennial nursery.


The aim of the project was to create the basis for long-term advancement. Through our expertise in marketing & the skills through clean & smart developments to create a stable and high-performance online shop, we were able to adequately support this goal.

The following points in particular should be optimized:

  • Fixing small bugs
  • Improvement of the Magento setup
  • Increase in performance
  • Measures for onpage conversion optimization
  • Creation of Google Ads ads


Since the development structure was partly very primitive in the previous state, the setup first had to be properly anchored.

Cloudflare has already been used to improve security and performance, but it was never really active. Therefore we acted here in configuration & optimization. Specifically, new PageRules for the functionality of the cache were set up & the countdown timer was adapted to increase sales.

In order to improve the shop speed, we have also activated and configured the production mode of Magento 2.

Optimization also took place on the server side: in addition to the basic configuration, important PHP extensions were installed that expanded the range of functions.

In addition to ongoing minor bug fixes, important changes were made to the product detail page. Of fundamental importance here was the position and visibility of the add-to-cart buttons (including direct PayPal & AmazonPay checkout). The page was restructured and minimized so that there was satisfaction with regard to usability aspects. The data maintenance of product attributes was also part of our work.

In the Google Ads area, the feed for shopping ads was first created and then the associated campaign was set up. We also created carefully crafted search ads that target categories of specific plant types & Target generic searches related to plant shipping.

Kunde Staudengärtnerei Henning Bargest
Betreuungszeitraum 2018
Marke Lichtnelke
Branche plant trade
System Magento 2
Projektthemen Magento 2 onlineshop, Supervision & optimization, Google Ads

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