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Offer needs-based information for your own customers and thus massively increase the conversion rate.

eCommerce 4.0 – Know what the customer needs!

The INF-O-MAT collects personal data in order to offer consumers needs-based added value.

In order to understand the logic of the INF-O-MAT, it is essential to know and internalize the following terminology, that the consumer is at the center of the system and that their trust and satisfaction have the highest priority.

Operator: (Kussin | Realisierungs UG (limited liability)), owner of INF-O-MAT

Organizer: the company in whose name the INF-O-MAT is organized.

Consumer: User of the INF-O-MAT and potential customer of the organizer

The INF-O-MAT collects consumer information as part of the offer of high-quality information and / or offers (e.g. discounts, gifts, etc.) that are not openly / free of charge if possible.
In addition, the INF-O-MAT has been developed taking into account the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will come into force on May 25, 2018, so that the data collected may also be used after it has come into force. Furthermore, the new GDPR expressly offers the possibility of linking information so that we can link data from each consumer from different INF-O-MATs.

The extensive consumer information available (including name, email address, date of birth, gender, areas of interest and organizer-specific data) enables us to send product information from an organizer to the consumer as required.

Example 1: An online shop for children’s toys operates an INF-O-MATen on the subject of age-appropriate toys. As part of the display of the INF-O-MAT program, the online retailer learns that the consumer is female, has two children aged 6 months and 3 years and that this information was provided on September 4th. Based on this information, the INF-O-MAT will send on November 27th. Gift suggestions for the baby and on 01.12. Suggested gifts for the older child to the mother including a discount campaign that runs until 03.12. is valid, too.

The information collected from the individual INF-O-MATs belongs to both the operator and the respective organizer. This step gives us, as the operator, access to all consumer data across all organizers and, on the basis of the GDPR, also the permission to link this data with one another. As an operator, we can therefore invite INF-O-MAT users from other organizers to your INF-O-MAT program based on your target group specifications and make them your customers as part of their participation in your INF-O-MATs.

Example 2: An online shop for children’s clothing sends a weekly newsletter to around 30,000 subscribers. The online shop only knows the e-mail addresses of these subscribers. The conversion rate (newsletter to transaction) achieved on the basis of this information is around 0.3%. The online shop decides to become the organizer of an INF-O-MAT. Our consumer database already contains 12,000 consumers who can be assigned to the new INF-O-MAT target group. As the operator, the users concerned will be informed about the new offer and 65% will convert to the new INF-O-MATs (7,800 consumers).

Requirements (to the organizer)

  • Min. 30,000 newsletter subscribers for the invitation to INF-O-MAT
  • High quality content for at least 9 to-do’s (each PDF and task)
  • Individually oriented campaigns (e.g. voucher for registration, activity campaign, monthly price)
  • Active marketing of the INF-O-MAT by the organizer during the entire event (invitation mailing, social media posts, application on the website, etc.)
  • Questionnaire on the target group (approx. 10 interest and 3 statistical information)


The formerly active FIT-O-MAT 1.0 (predecessor of INF-O-MAT) was operated in the period 03/2013 – 02/2017 and acquired 650 new consumers per month.
In 2016, the FIT-O-MAT triggered 1,354 transactions. This corresponds to a conversion rate of 17.39%. The average net sales including shipping per order was EUR 41.46. This corresponds to total sales of EUR 56,130.29 and a net consumer value of EUR 7.20.

Due to the comprehensively optimized INF-O-MAT program, the completely new data processing and utilization as well as the new operating structure (operator, organizer, consumer), we expect a net consumer value growth of 250% [1].

Data protection

The consumer data is neither sold nor made available to third parties in any other way.
The consumer data are the property of the operator and the respective organizer. Any use of consumer data must be disclosed by the organizer and will be communicated openly to every consumer as a supplement to the INF-O-MAT data protection provisions.

The INF-O-MAT consumer data is stored exclusively on German web servers, newsletters are sent exclusively via German e-mail servers.
We currently use the following hosters and providers: Mittwald CM GmbH & amp; Co. KG, 1 & 1 Internet AG, Newsletter2Go GmbH

Should we have aroused your interest with our concept and ensure that your company meets the necessary requirements, we would be very happy to hear from you.

[1] As of December 14, 2017