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GUSTAFSEN & CO Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG

The Hamburg real estate agent GUSTAFSEN & CO has been a well-known and successful address for owners who are planning to sell their high-quality residential property or apartment building or want to rent out their property for many years. Prospective buyers will find correspondingly attractive real estate offers at GUSTAFSEN & CO.


Kussin | eCommerce und Online-Marketing took over the technical support of the website on Contao for GUSTAFSEN & CO. Furthermore, the website is continuously being optimized under the aspects of usability and conversion.

So far, the following functions have been requested for this:

  • A user-friendly contact form
  • Simple integration of real estate offers
  • Adaptation of design and layout

GUSTAFSEN & CO is also advised & supported by Kussin in the field of online marketing. We are active there in the form of the administration & configuration of search ads.


Since until now only a simple information block with contact details of the respective contact person was available for establishing contact, we have set up a contact form which shows the person responsible by selecting the intention (e.g. buying / selling property) and sends the message directly to them.

For the presentation of the offered objects, we installed the broker module from Contao, which enables efficient data maintenance, management and labeling. Since some adjustments were required there, we dealt with the individual further development of the module for the website.

Except for the teaser, the start page has been completely redesigned. The direct overview of GUSTAFSEN’s offered services with selectable sub-items was important. Not only the start page, but also the layout of property pages received a modern & clear structure.

Since there was dissatisfaction with the mobile view of the website, we programmed a completely new display for it. So the position of the main menu and the background image changed.

In addition, a server move from Host Europe to Mittwald was required during the support period. This was implemented with a few bug fixes.

Our activity in online marketing

In the course of website optimization, we were involved in copyrighting the content of some pages or optimized it with regard to SEO.

To this day, we also support GUSTAFSEN in the area of ​​paid advertisements. There we are conceptually & actively implementing.

In addition to the main foundation of search ads on Google, display ads also existed as a branding campaign for a limited period of time. Even with Bing Ads ads were shown at times.

Kunde GUSTAFSEN & CO Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG
URL www.gustafsen.de
Betreuungszeitraum 2015 - today
Branche Property
System Contao
Projektthemen Contao, Broker module, Google Ads, Bing Ads