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Digital jetzt - state funding for SMEs

Benefit from the new funding initiative for digitization from the BMWi in a timely manner

Get state support for your digitization projects

Are you a small or medium-sized company planning a digitization project and looking for financial support for a timely implementation? Then the federal initiative “Digital now” might be just the thing for your business.

With the “Digital now” funding program, the Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi) offers many small and medium-sized companies an investment grant of up to 70% with a maximum possible funding amount of € 50,000 .

If you meet the requirements and submit a funding application with a digitization plan promptly enough, you have a good chance of receiving a substantial investment grant.

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Which goal should be achieved with digital now?

Since the BMWi has recognized the value of digital technologies and the necessary know-how, they would like to strengthen developments outside of corporations – especially in medium-sized companies.

The support services are organized in two fixed modules, both of which can be used.

What requirements does a company have to meet?

In order for you to benefit from the advantages of the funding, your company must:

  • Have 3 to 499 employees
  • be based in Germany with headquarters

Module 1: Promotion of digital technologies

The government grants are intended to advance digitization at all levels of business – purchasing, administration, marketing & sales should receive new technologies for more efficiency:

  • Additional software and hardware
  • Cloud solutions
  • Data-driven business models
  • Automation

Module 2: Investing in employee qualification

In order for new technologies to be used to their full potential, investments in the know-how of employees are essential. In this way, competitiveness is increased with foresight.

Specifically, training or further education measures for the use of digital technologies can be set up that promote optimal synergies between people and technology.

How much are the grants?

The grants differ depending on the number of employees and the period.

Until 30.06.2021:

Up to 50 employees: Maximum 50%
Up to 250 employees: Maximum 45%
Up to 499 employees: maximum 40%

After that

Up to 50 employees: Maximum 40%
Up to 250 employees: Maximum 35%
Up to 499 employees: maximum 30%

Submit funding application

Funding applications can be submitted using the BMWi’s application tool.

What do you need for that? A detailed digitization plan , a De Minimis explanation & sample offers .

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