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Onlineshop relaunch 2013

Warehouse One GmbH & Co. KG

For snowboarders, wakeboarders, skaters and people who always want to be stylishly dressed, there is no way around Warehouse One. Warehouse One has been offering fashion and funsport products from small and emerging labels to established brands since 1996.


The shop should be designed for a young audience, appear innovative and fashionable & also be optimized for responsive design. Technically, an update from Oxid eSales PE 4.4.8 to the newer version 4.8.8 should be carried out. Furthermore, the integration of the “Fact Finder” module for a high-performance search & filter function and integration of the Pixi mail order software planned.

The connection to Amazon and eBay is also required to ensure an efficient workflow for alternative sales platforms.

In addition, a number of newsletters on various topics were requested after implementation.


In the course of the update, a complete data migration first had to be carried out, whereby the directory structure of the shop had to be reformed from the ground up. For the relaunch we used the Azure theme , i.e. the standard Theme for Oxid as the basis for the shop design. From this we then created a child theme that we developed ourselves in order to meet all individual requirements.

During the design, great emphasis was placed on a functional responsive design. To get a full & we used Shopgate to create a completely mobile-optimized shop. The mobile shop could be developed separately and equipped with mobile-relevant functionalities.

The implementation of FACT-Finder

In the previous shop, the already existing FACT-Finder module was individually connected to OXID via the SDK on the server side via PHP. As part of the relaunch, we are on the official OXID plugin from FACT-Finder switched. In the course of the integration, we were confronted with some challenges that were caused by a new development of the module. So WH1 temporarily became a beta tester of the new Seidemann module.

The module was responsible for the basic connection via XML response between FACT-Finder and OXID. It did not act within OXID, but acted as a forwarding instance for e.g. search queries in the shop, whereupon these were processed within FACT-Finder. Accordingly, any product data from the shop had to be transferred to FACT-Finder & can be exported. Since the scope of data maintenance did not currently meet the requirements of the module, we had to prepare the data satisfactorily. With the help of cron jobs, we were able to combine and change data adequately.

For the presentation of the results in the front end as well as other features such as suggest search, ASN filter, recommendation, we then implemented. WH1 was able to benefit from intelligent functions in the form of machine learning, which perfected the user-oriented optimization of product listings.

To the current Ebay connection

As part of the relaunch, the Ebay connection was initially given the eBay module by Volker Dörk continued. Afterwards we switched to the ViA eBay module with an intuitive and powerful mapping feature.

The module itself was able to satisfactorily map the following functions:

  • eBay-compliant CSV export of any article data based on a mapping
  • Manipulation of exported data, e.g. expand product names or change stocks
  • Import orders and communicate their status to Ebay
  • Marking eBay Plus orders for prioritized processing

Since some difficulties arose with the transfer of the data volume, this installation was not entirely without detours. We then developed our own module, the OXID to ViA Sync, an import module for large quantities of ViA eBay products.

To the newsletter

The email campaigns were conceived, created & shipped. We used Mailchimp as a tool for the processing. Mainly it was about topics like the communication of actions & offers, but also DGSVO matters were discussed.

Kunde Warehouse One GmbH & Co. KG
Betreuungszeitraum 2013 - today
Marke Warehouse One
Branche Online trade
System OXID eSales
Projektthemen OXID 4.8.8 update, FACT-Finder integration, eBay connection

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