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MVG® Mathé-Schmierstofftechnik GmbH

MATHY is a German manufacturer of lubricants and additives. From engine oil and grease to fuel additives for system cleaning, MATHY has been offering high-quality complete solutions for over 70 years.


The existing online shop should be optimized and managed by Kussin.

On the one hand, important error corrections in the technical area were required. Some functions did not have the desired effect and could not be localized independently and finally fixed.

In addition, some data protection adjustments were to be made, which were essential due to the GDPR coming into force shortly.


Bugs have been fixed in the following areas:

  • MySQL database error
  • VAT calculation corrections
  • Transfer of bank data between Magento and the WaWi “Vario”
  • Change of language code definition

In the course of the GDPR we implemented the following features:

  • Cookie notice
  • Privacy policy update
  • Checkbox for data processing in the contact form
  • Checkbox for data processing of delivery & Billing addresses

In the initial situation, customers were not able to remove their account or their shipping address. The problem was solved by adjustments in the OXID logic.

Kunde MVG® Mathé-Schmierstofftechnik GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2018 - 2019
Marke MATHY Universal
Branche Lubrication Technology
Leadagentur 2id8 GmbH
System OXID eSales
Projektthemen Technical error correction, Onlineshop-support, Privacy adjustments

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