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Website relaunch

studio360grad GmbH

Studio360Grad sees itself as a full-service agency with a clear focus on moving image productions. From the idea, conception, production and post-production to distribution. All from a single source.


The aim was to relaunch the website based on WordPress as a CMS system with an appealing, modern design. It was assumed that the entire content is displayed on one single page in order to avoid reloading.


The design was implemented on the basis of the “Ken theme”, as it best suited the structural and aesthetic requirements.

The OnePager has a menu that links to the various sections without showing the section ID in the URL. Since projects should appear under different categorizations, we programmed lightboxes. When you click on the respective category point, a window opens with the desired content without reloading. The assigned projects could be displayed one after the other within the box. The lightboxes were implemented using JavaScript.

Kunde studio360grad GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2016
Marke studio360grad
Branche Filmmaking
System WordPress
Projektthemen Wordpress installation, Lightbox, OnePager

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