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Website relaunch

Hanes Bodywear Germany GmbH

Hanes Germany GmbH (formerly NUR DIE GmbH) is a successful branded goods company based in Rheine, which sets standards in the manufacture and sale of high-quality textiles (legwear and underwear).

Today the company is part of the US group Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI). Hanesbrands, based in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, is an international clothing company founded in 1901. The core categories consist of: T-shirts, underwear for women, men and children, socks, hosiery, casual and activewear. With sales of over $ 6 billion and 60,000 employees in over 25 countries, Hanesbrands is the world’s largest marketer of basic clothing. It is also impressive that Hanesbrands products can be found in around 90% of American households.


The situation before: There was already a Magento-based brand website – only without an online shop. Only products were entered for viewing.

When Hanes Bodywear Germany GmbH took over the initially independent brand, the website was to be redeveloped on the basis of WordPress. The following requirements existed:

  • Development of a modern & flexible theme
  • Integration of catalogs instead of previous product pages
  • Add your own fields for posts
  • Programming of the Shopfinder plug-in


The brand website should be placed within a collective network installation consisting of other sub-brands of Hanes Germany GmbH – i.e. WordPress Multisite Development. This enables the central administration of the websites of the following brands:

Since the design should only differ in color, we implemented the superordinate “Hanes Inc. Network Parent Theme” as an in-house development. From this, child themes were created for each website that did justice to the associated corporate identity.

Since the product pages of the previous website cause exorbitant data maintenance work when the product range is changed, PDF catalogs should be clearly integrated. With the “Real 3D Flipbook” plug-in, we succeeded in digital implementation with dynamic animation.

For different sides & posts should be created uniform fields that were intended to enter certain data. With the “Advanced Custom Fields Pro” plug-in, user-defined fields could easily be created and defined. Those were then integrated in the template across posttype via PHP.

Since Elbeo products are offered in numerous shops, the user should get an overview of all locations in their area on the website. With the “WMDK Hanes Shopfinder” we developed a WordPress plug-in using JavaScript, which we obtained from Google Maps & depicted.

Kunde Hanes Bodywear Germany GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2011 - today
Branche Lingery
System WordPress
Projektthemen Multisite installation, Wordpress, Hanes Shopfinder

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