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Software development

eSports Studio GmbH

The eSport Studio GmbH & Co.KG is one of the leading producers of live streams and TV productions in the field of eSports. The aim is to make eSport a multimedia experience together with its partners!


With the eSport tournament system, software was to be created that would give users online the opportunity to compete against each other in video games related to sports (e.g. FIFA, Pro Evolution Soccer) on various platforms.

The structured logic of the match constellation was important so that the tournaments were fair & were exciting.

In addition, the following requirements should be met during development:

  • Deeplinking for Facebook & Co.
  • Life-cycle mailings
  • Central customer database
  • Responsive design tournament tree representation
  • Automated tournaments
  • Simple integration (no iFrame)

The system should not only be available on one platform, but rather it should be possible to implement it with different providers.


The tournament system is based on a central web server and works with WordPress. It can be easily integrated into any web application using the JavaScript module. (For more information on integration, see: http: // )

Due to the central approach of the tournament system, it is an ideal marketing tool that gives you access to a large number of potential customers. The eSS tournament system is fully responsive and can be integrated anywhere on your website.

The data is then called up via a JavaScript plug-in, which outputs all the required data in the final HTML format via a request. The styling via CSS was also realized with it. To ensure that the presentation corresponds to the corporate identity of the respective provider, we developed an individual style sheet for each platform.

The WordPress plugins “Advanced Custom Fields” and “Custom Post Types” were also used in the constellation. For example, tournaments, matches and providers counted as separate post types. The tournaments could be dynamically adapted to the respective criteria.

Kunde eSports Studio GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2016 -2017
Marke eSport Studio GmbH
Branche Videogames
System WordPress, Eigenentwicklung
Projektthemen JavaScript plugin, Wordpress development, Advanced Custom Fields

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