OXID 6 FACT Finder Export Queue

Kussin | OXID 6 FACT Finder Export Queue

The essential part you need for a seamless integration between OXID and FACT Finder

Export entire OXID product data automatically to FACT Finder in real time

In today’s fast-paced digital marketplace, keeping product data up-to-date is paramount for online stores—especially when you’re using powerful tools like FACT Finder. We understand the struggle many OXID store managers face: You want to harness the full potential of FACT Finder’s AI for improved UX and boosted conversions, but the lack of seamless product data integration with your shop system stands in your way. And manual imports? They’re time-consuming and error-prone.

The solution: the Kussin | OXID 6 FACT Finder Export Queue module. It’s designed exclusively to bridge this gap, offering automated, real-time product data exports to FACT Finder. The result? A synergy between your OXID store and FACT Finder, ensuring optimal AI performance, enhanced user experience, and most importantly, a smoother path to growing your sales. Start today and let automation pave the way for efficiency and accuracy.

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Essential for your performance

to get the most out of the FACT Finder technology

Feed the AI

Correct product data is crucial for FF AI to work

Accurate search results

because product data is always up-to-date

Maximize purchase likelyhood

due to entire data including purchase amount

95% less manual effort

because of automated premade solution

How it works


Installation and configuration guide:

Follow the instructions to see how the module can be installed and configured.

See instructions at Github

Accurate search results because product data is always up-to-date

Imagine FACT Finder’s AI as a master chef. Without the right ingredients—in this case, real-time product data—it’s hindered, unable to craft the perfect dish. Visualize the moments of customer frustration when they’re met with outdated search results. This jeopardizes the trust and seamless experience they seek.

Accurate product data directly correlates with precise search results. When the AI is well-nourished with fresh data, it thrives, guiding customers effortlessly to their desired products.

Here’s our commitment: By leveraging up-to-the-minute product data, we pledge to unlock the full potential of FF AI for your store. The Kussin | OXID 6 FACT Finder Export Queue module bridges this data gap, setting the stage for unparalleled user satisfaction and soaring sales.

95% less manual effort because of automated premade solution

Automation not only saves time but also reduces human-induced errors. It’s akin to replacing a rowboat with a motorboat: faster, efficient, and less exhausting.

Our promise? The Kussin | OXID 6 FACT Finder Export Queue module transforms your workflow. Say goodbye to manual exports and hello to streamlined accuracy. Elevate your business with tech-driven simplicity.

Entire data including purchase amount enables FACT Finder to maximize purchase likelihood

With complete data, including product specific purchase volume, FACT Finder becomes that intuitive boutique assistant, anticipating each shopper’s needs.

Logically, richer data provides deeper insights, refining search results to align more closely with customer intentions.

We ensure every data point is imported, boosting the probability of every purchase.

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