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Search engine marketing

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is about increasing the reach and visibility of your shop, your products and your website with search engines. Through targeted upgrading of the content of your site and target group-specific alignment of your ads in the search and display network, it is possible to effectively reach potential customers, inform them about your offer and gain them permanently for your company.


Search engine marketing consists of two sub-disciplines:

As part of Search Engine Advertising (SEA for short) , your advertising is placed on the search engine results pages or on partner pages of their advertising networks in order to reach users regardless of the page rank using certain keywords. The decisive factor is the choice of the marketing goal and the desired advertising material.

The Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims at a technical, semantic and ergonomic adaptation of the content of a website in order to improve the relevance and quality of the information, findability and user experience and so on optimize the ranking in the organic search results.

SEA – Success with individually tailored advertising

The paid display of advertisements in search networks offers the short- and long-term opportunity to place companies, services, products and promotions in a visible place for the user.

As certified experts for Google Adwords and Bing Ads Services, we understand campaign design for the most widely used search engines on the World Wide Web.

In the course of an initial analysis, we determine relevant keywords, content and potential landing pages. Your campaigns will then be tailored to your needs after strategic consultation, set up and technically and editorially supervised.

Based on your marketing goals, success can be measured using specific metrics. We will inform you about the progress via regular, personal reporting, discuss the measures with you and take care of the successive optimization of your ads and keyword sets. This is how we ensure the best possible return on investment for you and place you at the top of the charts.

SEO – searched and found: step by step to the top

The organic listing of your products, services and websites on the top positions of the search results pages is an essential factor for sustainable business success.

We analyze your website technically and contentwise Through constant control of your website, optimized texts, page and product titles and the improvement of the structure and function of your site, we help your shop and website to gradually and sustainably improve the search engine ranking. The focus is always on the positive user experience and the implementation of the requirements of the search engine operators. The result is a lasting and profound effect.

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