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The open source CMS impresses with its perfect mix of simple operation and flexible adaptability.

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Umbraco – The simple CMS without restrictions

The content management system of the company of the same name Umbraco A / S is not based on PHP, but Microsoft ASP.NET Framework 4.7 & has existed as an open source solution for 15 years now. For the need for high performance hosting & Umbraco also offers cloud solutions for a fee, which come with support and other advantages.

The promising system is based in Odense (Denmark) and ostensibly stands for an intuitive & efficient management of web content. While practically no training is required, there are no limits to expandability. No matter what you imagine – everything is possible!

Your advantages at a glance:

  • Intuitive operation thanks to a clear, logical interface
  • Simple content management (e.g. via a tablet)
  • The focus is on efficient workflow
  • Open source solution
  • Fast loading times thanks to multi-level caching
  • Full control over SEO data
  • Individual design without limit

Responsive backend

Umbraco's backend adapts flexibly to the size of the screen, which also enables easy editing via tablet or smartphone. Easily edit your content on the go.

Free design in the front end

Umbraco does not specify a template construct, i.e. you can work with development approaches such as Razor, but also Angular or ReactJS. According to your requirements.

Plugins & extensions

The setup of interfaces is very easy thanks to Umbraco's plug-in architecture. This makes it easy to install and use extensions.

Active community

The open source system has a wide range of support. The community of over 200.000 experienced users actively helps each other with problem solving.

The comparison to other CMS

The fundamental difference to systems like WordPress lies in the development logic. Most of them are based on PHP 7, while Umbraco is based on the Microsoft ASP.NET framework. Umbraco is the most popular of all the CMS with this development logic.

In addition, Umbraco can be described much more as a content management framework. How so? The installation does not create a “starter website” with a predefined template. You get a blank page with a few core features that allow you to design it as you wish without any restrictions.

So there is no modular principle that can be started intuitively right away. In order to be able to guarantee the flexible range of functions, a lot of development effort is necessary in advance. Extensive code extensions are then possible using C# as the programming language.

When that is done, you will find your way around Umbraco very well – we promise!

What we can do for you

We offer you reliable support in all areas of Umbraco's requirements. We actively ensure that your website gets the expression it deserves - regardless of whether it is a new installation, relaunch, optimization or even the development and execution of online marketing strategies.


  • Creation of an appealing responsive design according to your CI
  • Designed for a top user experience


  • Development of your infrastructure
  • Setup of Umbraco and your design
  • Install modules, interfaces & extensions


  • Introduction to administration & operation
  • Advice on future opportunities & SEO strategies


  • Import patches & updates
  • Ongoing maintenance of your website
  • 24 hour support in case of errors

Umbraco in action

Convince yourself of the possibilities of a technical implementation with the help of Umbraco as a CMS. Our customer TePe D-A-CH GmbH is a manufacturer of high quality products for the oral health market.

The Umbraco-based CMS was developed by us in terms of usability, styling & Optimized technology.

To the project

Umbraco as a shop system?

Do you use Umbraco and would you like to sell your products online in the future? Or are you looking for a new eCommerce solution and have noticed Umbraco as a CMS?

No problem! Umbraco is sure to meet all of your needs. The flexible development logic enables individual interventions in the system and its functionality.

Numerous apps for Umbraco have been developed & offer the right eCommerce tool for a wide range of applications. For example Storm Commerce and Ucommerce impress with their intuitive usability & the possibility of customizing your shop according to your ideas.