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TePe D-A-CH GmbH

TePe D-A-CH GmbH has developed into a leading company for oral health with over 50 years of experience. In close cooperation with recognized experts in dentistry, TePe develops, produces and markets high quality & functional product solutions for oral and dental health.


The initial situation was particularly characterized by the inadequate usability of the German website in some areas that primarily served B2B marketing. For example, the login area was labeled in a misleading way.

In addition, we were able to identify deficiencies in the following other areas:

  • Error 500 messages after registering a dealer account
  • Some CSS solutions required simple optimization
  • No understandable user guidance during the ordering process


The system is implemented with the CMS Umbraco , which meant that many of the changes were easy to implement.

We designed optimal solutions for user guidance so that the ordering process can shine in terms of its usability from now on.

We carefully documented technical errors & developed solution approaches, which we send to the partner with the respective responsibility & pass on authorization.

Kunde TePe D-A-CH GmbH
URL www.tepe.com/de
Betreuungszeitraum 2020 - today
Marke TePe
Branche Oral health
System Umbraco
Projektthemen Usability analysis, Content modifications, Troubleshooting