POSeidon OXID Connector

Talihu GmbH

In comparison to online retail, stationary retail offers unbeatable advantages (including walk-in customers and personal advice) but also serious disadvantages such as opening times and, in metropolitan areas such as Hamburg, Düsseldorf and Munich, the shop rent, which rises to over EUR 100.00 net cold rent per square meter . Many companies therefore try to achieve an economically acceptable balancing act between exhibition space and on-site range.

This is where POSeidon comes in: As a tool for the interactive presentation of products on a wide variety of surfaces, it effects a virtual enlargement of the exhibition rooms and at the same time serves as a medium for direct and, if necessary, business-time-independent contact and information exchange between operator and consumer.

Especially for small retail spaces with a selected range or store-in-store solutions, POSeidon offers you the perfect range extension by linking the eCommerce advantages, such as cheap storage, with the advantages of stationary trade, e.g. personal advice.

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