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Onlineshop support

Carl Geo. Heise GmbH & Co. KG

The Carl Geo. Heise GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading manufacturers of high-quality car mats and car accessories. Carl Geo has been selling since 1964. Heise GmbH & Co. KG, car mats in many different designs from Rensi. For some time now, the range has been expanded to include trunk mats and notebook holders in many designs.


With the relaunch of the Magento-based shop, a simple and modern design was also to be created. The following requirements were made:

  • Connection to the Apto merchandise management system
  • Advanced search in the form of the car mat finder
  • Brand website integrated into Magento
  • Separate shop can be managed from Magento
  • Integration of standard payment methods
  • Inventory management between Magento & Amazon


The design was implemented using the “Ultimo theme”. Based on the generation of the child theme, aspects of the corporate identity could be considered satisfactorily.

The connection of the WaWi’s “Apto” was provided individually by the manufacturer and had to be configured by us.

With the car mat finder, customers could use a guided filter on the home page to restrict the product selection for their car model. The filter was developed using Ajax and contains the following criteria:

  • Manufacturer
  • Model
  • Type + year of construction
  • Equipment variant

While the shop can be found at, the associated brand website can be reached at The same Magento system is used as the CMS for this. The brand website should meet these requirements:

  • Identical design
  • Navigational overview of shops via Google Maps integration
  • Simple contact form

The ability of Magento to act as a multi-shop system was also used. The GeorgFrank-Shop was connected directly to the Rensi Magento and sells car mats under the brand ” Georg Frank KG “. The structure of it is almost identical – only the design differs in color.

We installed the module “ M2E Pro </ a so that the inventory management is centrally connected to that within Magento and works correctly > “and provided configuration support

Kunde Carl Geo. Heise GmbH & Co. KG
Betreuungszeitraum -
Marke Rensi
System Magento
Projektthemen Magento relaunch, Multishop / Multisite, Apto connection

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