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App development

Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG

Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG has around 300,000 customers, making it the largest cooperative bank in Northern Germany. It has received numerous awards for customer satisfaction from various institutes.


For the Sparda Sportiv account model, in addition to the web application, we should develop and program an app for iPhone and Android that rewards sport: the account holder trains and receives a higher interest rate for it.

 sparda app

The model can be used when customers apply for a savings account for a monthly fee. Depending on how many hours of sport have been recorded in the last 30 days, the interest rate on the account balance increases. In addition, the deposit of money was linked to the time spent doing sports – a small amount could be deposited for every second of sport.

The common goal: 1 million hours of sport – only this sum should enable the construction of the Sparda running park. The app should be connected to the internal online banking software of Sparda-Bank and programmed with HTML 5 and CSS3.


For time management, timers & counter not missing. We developed these for both the app and the website. Their job was to measure time and to support the Sparda running park project by showing the cumulative time of all users.

The timekeeping within the app was tied to the UMTS network, which in some cases led to problems with poor reception. The measurement was also possible in the web application.

The app was developed using the “PhoneGap” framework, an Adobe software that enables the creation of apps using HTML, CSS and JavaScript. So it could be set up on the website. sparda sportiv website

Kunde Sparda-Bank Hamburg eG
Betreuungszeitraum 2014-2015
Marke SpardaSportiv
Branche Financial services
Leadagentur TBWA\ Deutschland
System Eigenentwicklung
Projektthemen App development, iOS & Android, PhoneGap

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