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Onlineshop relaunch

Sybille Lienau GmbH

Sybille Lienau GmbH has been selling and manufacturing high-quality kites under the Wolkenstürmer brand since 1981. From stick kites to steering mats and helpful accessories, the range and quality meet all the requirements of a passionate hang-glider.


The aim of the project was the realization of a modern and simple online shop with the most popular payment methods.

An appropriate usability for the user and the simple data maintenance in the backend were important, so that products, category and CMS pages could be created by oneself.


Since the functionality and performance of the previous system left something to be desired, the shop was relaunched on the basis of Magento 1.

The Ultimo theme was used for the design, from which we then developed a child theme. We were able to match the color of the shop to the brand’s corporate identity (CI).

We were also active in consulting, imparting practical basic knowledge for data maintenance. In this way, all product and category data on the part of the customer could be incorporated.

Kunde Sybille Lienau GmbH
Betreuungszeitraum 2017 - 2019
Marke Wolkenstürmer
Branche Kites
System Magento
Projektthemen Magento onlineshop, Ultimo-Theme, data maintenance consulting

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